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Churchill movie worth seeing
Mon Jan 8, 2018 10:52

I am watching a four part story called 'Winston Churchill - The Wilderness Years' - first broadcast in 1981 with Robert Hardy as the great man, I cannot understand how I missed this since I was in England at the time. Here is the link in case you're interested in it:-

I am finding this informative as well as entertaining, it certainly does very much fill in the picture of the times and the other people involved, as well as underline, emphasize, what a great man he was with whose ideals I can completely identify.

Whilst it was no doubt true that he was a Victorian applying those ideals to a modern world out of phase with his beliefs, I can only agree with him about the importance of the Empire in maintaining peace, prosperity and civilisation where needed but it was disastrous to turn administration over to them as has been shown by subsequent events.

In the current fawning lickspittle apology for proper political behaviour it is fashionable to decry the effects of Empire as demeaning to the subject peoples, enrichening a few fortunate plutocrats at the expense of the majority.

The truth is that the subject peoples were much better off thanks to the Pax Brittanica than they would have otherwise been at the tender mercies of the Dutch, French, German and Belgian colonizers whose record speaks for itself and after which we had to clean up the mess they caused.

I admired Winston ever since I read 'My Early Life' in school and could identify with some of his feelings about his father and his education though mine were hardly of the same level, they were similar in the effect they had upon me. However it is not necessary to enjoy British 'public' schooling to derive benefit from it and so I have no reason to harp on about my wounded feelings of being dumped in prison.

Talking of which, the three of us have been incarcerated by the cold for four straight days, minimising any excursions outside the bedroom except to make tea, coffee and the minimum of cooking necessary to prevent starvation! A cup of tea will go from boiling to luke warm in four minutes and has to be microwaved after brewing to bring it back to temperature. We have had to almost double the microwave cooking times we normally use, it took 3 minutes to bring a mug of water to the boil, now it takes 5.

Thanks to badly distributed house wiring circuits there is too much load on one breaker which naturally is the bedroom circuit although I suspect its a weak breaker anyway but I have had to run wires all over the place to distribute the load more evenly.

I hope Roger is alright as he hasn't shown up here in a few days. I had intended to say much more on the subject of Winston but alas my arthritis is playing havoc with my hands and I cannot type any more for now.

    • Re: Churchill movie worth seeing - roger, Tue Jan 9 08:37
      I'm here. We had snow that was 5" deep and was on the ground three days with temps in the 30s daytime and teens at night. Nothing like what you have up there but when you have been away from that... more
      • Good one Roger glad to hear from you - mike, Tue Jan 9 09:46
        I've left instructions to the missus and kids to let this site know if I should happen to kick the bucket. I was getting really worried about you, fearing the worst, you know the usual 'heart attack... more
        • At this time there seems to be nothing serious wrong with me. I realize that could change very quickly. No snow shoveling. I used a broom to sweep a path to the mail box. Took @ 5 minutes. I also... more
          • Wot, Roger.... - Sarge, Wed Jan 10 10:56
   don't want to "enter into God's eternal care" or "go to be with our Lord and Saviour" or my personal favourite, "cross the Rainbow Bridge"? Grin!
            • Re: Wot, Roger.... - roger, Thu Jan 11 09:15
              Sarge, I thought the "Rainbow Bridge" had something to do with Valhalla. That might be OK but it would not be me. More likely you.
              • For me... - Sarge, Thu Jan 11 10:43
                ...its Fiddlers Green. Legend has it, as the soldiers march down the road to Hell, there is a place where they step off the road and pitch their tents for eternity. There are aways warm fires, cool... more
        • Do you have... - Sarge, Tue Jan 9 11:20
          ...any other avenue to contact them and at least find out? I'd hope he is still with us, and perhaps stopped because I might have pissed him off with something I said ( we really never got a chance... more
    • Been a bit... - sarge, Mon Jan 8 12:51
      ...dreadful here both temp-wise and physical condition wise for far too long. The Black Dog is my excuse for not being my normal Bouncy Tigger self, more Eeyore's Gloomy Place. One thing I very much... more
      • Sorry to hear that - mike, Mon Jan 8 20:29
        you are not feeling well, its the time of year and the weather, there's a well known relationship between lower light levels and depression. I had hoped to get out a bit today but the promised rain... more
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