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The Gathering Storm
Mon Jan 8, 2018 20:07

I've only watched the first few minutes of this but had to take a look since I just put down the book of that name, the first volume of Winstons ww2 memoirs.

Haven't seen enough to pass comment on the performance but the settings are exquisitely filmed and worth watching if only for that.

I knew nothing about the India papers that part 4 of the previous series explains. Also well acted but the filming is perhaps less sharp but thats because of the format which was probably VHS versus the latter DVD. Samuel Hoare was well named, shameful about the collusion that allowed him to evade censure, pretty much like today in terms of high level corruption.

One can only admire Churchill as portrayed in both films, an honourable man above all, difficult to work with no doubt but then I have never approved of party politics, I believe MP's and Congressmen should be elected for their personal beliefs and qualities and not because they support a particular organization whose interests are not primarily those of their electorate and thus the divide grows ever greater between we the people and those we are given to elect from, which is not how the system should work.

    • Did you finish... - Sarge, Wed Jan 10 11:36
      ...Volume 1 and did it help with your getting the mood for Tolbert's environment? I'd carry the observation forward a little about MPs and congressmen, where I'd love to see a balance between... more
      • I'm frankly quietly desperate! - mike, Wed Jan 10 18:04
        This series of films (the gathering storm) is a horrible parallel to the current situation in Britain and America though the latter less one of equipment shortages as political ineptitude. I'm hoping ... more
        • The family dynamic... - sarge, Thu Jan 11 12:53
          Nothing unusual, mate. My extended family could fill a book or two, and so could the Lady of the Manor's. Absolutely amasing how sentient beings fall for their weaknesses and how others exploit them, ... more
          • Well, for starters!.... - mike, Fri Jan 12 11:31
            Okay, well you asked for it Sarge! 'You feel the need to have a rant, feel free. Better, if you get a lift out of giving us a lift, well do it! ' If it wasn't for your frequently pithy observations... more
            • Re: Well, for starters!.... - roger, Sat Jan 13 07:58
              Mike, Why not just skip the roadblocked part of the story for a while? Go on to the next part and "fix" it when the fix appears? This just shows I know nothing about writing stories. I understand... more
            • Later - Yay for Walt - mike, Fri Jan 12 17:15
              AN AMERICAN I ADMIRE I always admired the work of Walt Disney even though I know that he wasn't the actual artist responsible for the work associated with his name. It was his imagination and energy... more
              • Back then... - Sarge, Sat Jan 13 10:04
                ...fathers weren't all huggy and such, thankfully. I'm amased at how non-blokishness is the norm. Simple things like change a tyre, a lightbulb, a lampcord, batteries in a torch. The ability to take... more
                • Re: Back then... - roger, Sun Jan 14 00:30
                  Sarge, Your mention of earrings being worn by men, as a regular part of their dress, reminded me of something my grandfather told me over sixty years ago. "Men that wear earrings all the time can get ... more
                  • You won't see... - Sarge, Sun Jan 14 10:17
                    ...ear rings or piercings on this kid! Voluntarity having holes poked in my hide for decorative purposes just makes my skin crawl if I'm honest. That also lets me out of tattoos. There is a certain... more
              • Re: Later - Yay for Walt - roger, Sat Jan 13 08:07
                I agree with Mike's evaluation of Fantasia, the first one. Although the second one is also good it is, to me, less interesting because of the use of more modern techniques that IMHO did not improve... more
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