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Smile Department, #2
Fri Jan 12, 2018 08:50

You both know I actively seek funny and ironic things in daily life, and this modern propensity for overregulation by the nanny-state, and the fear of giving the least offense by any business coupled with the PC enforcements by the anti-social media, make for a harvest rich in the nourishments for the funnybone.

To wit:

My son came home from school yesterday with his glasses in some level of disrepair due to a spacial conflict between his face and a volleyball in gym class. Off we go to get the lenses reset at the spec's store, a chain called VisionWorks. Right off the bat, I must say they fixed him up promptly and the cost to us was a nice round naught. They treated us well.

Anyway, as we are sitting, waiting for the tech to reassemble his specs, I couldn't help notice this wonderful piece of nanny-state/PC inclusiveness. In the store, the one that makes and sells eyewear remember, the doorsign to the workshop where they actually make the lenses and install them says something like "Lens Lab". Under the words, you can see the name of this optics workshop spelled out again (Think about this now)... braille.

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