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sewing machines
Thu Feb 8, 2018 16:31

My wife is a quilter. She just CANNOT be without her fancy Huskvarna Viking embroidery machine. The thing is FULL of electronics. Just consider it a computer with a needle much like modern vehicles are computers with tires. LOL

Her old machine died. It could have been fixed, but it was old and programming for the embroidery part of it was via a floppy drive, like there's lots of THEM around. She had a stash of blank floppies and a remote floppy that would only work on MY old computer because it's a Windows XP machine and her laptop was a windows 7. Actually, I think this might have been a reason for her to marry me. :D The new laptop, of course, is Windows 10.

So, a couple or three years ago, we traded her old machine for a newer used machine that uses a thumb drive. It was $2,000 USED and I bought it for her. Hell, new ones are closer to 10K.

A sensor went out on the foot a year or so ago and we took it in for service, something like 300 bucks. NOW, it's messing up again, not sure what or why. So, I guess we're going back to Sugar Land tomorrow to the repair place. Oh, well, it IS next door to an Academy. :D

My mom had an old White machine, in a furniture quality cabinet, lasted her lifetime. Not a bit of plastic on that thing, all metal. But, it only stitched and it didn't do fancy stuff like stretch fabric or zig zag or what. Holly's, you just select what to do off a menu. Mom's old White had a button holer attachment she could never figure out how to use. LOL!

Meh, I'm glad I don't need no stinkin' sewing machine, though I'm afraid I'll get stuck with the bill on THIS one. The way stocks are falling lately, I'm thinkin' of buying me a new handgun, so I guess I can invest in sewing machine repair if I'm going to lose it on the market, anyway. Invest in STEEL and PLASTIC I say!!!!

    • Those were the days - mike, Thu Feb 8 17:04
      My mother did things like turning the sheets to make them last longer - that was when I was a toddler and Dad was still struggling to build his career - and she also made her dresses, moaned about it ... more
      • What a smile! - Sarge, Thu Feb 8 18:00
        How did it become a Hussif? In the Army that is a "Housewife"! All the way back to the 1860s that name was used to describe that little cloth and felt roll with needle, thread, a few buttons. I'm... more
        • She bought another machine - Goose, Fri Feb 9 18:24
          Over 600 bucks, not an "expensive" one, not an embroidery machine, but a heavy duty machine that she claims can handle her sewing while her expensive machine gets fixed. I told her I'd foot the $450... more
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