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The brown shirts - they're BAAACK!
Thu Feb 8, 2018 17:22

I remember when George W said he was forming Homeland Security I said to my wife at the time "in other words, the Gestapo by any other name, is just as bad". I was surprised and appalled that there wasn't an outcry about it, what next, Brownshirts?

Well guess what? Tammy called me up this morning to tell me she's just witnessed a Gestapo like action taking place in her holy of holy's New York City where Democrats reign supreme and human rights are protected.

I won't name those responsible, too many bots out there searching for keywords, but They are doing street stop and demand ID's from anyone they don't like the looks of and she said this crackdown is going on at the bus terminals and train stations as well. She was horrified, I hope she doesn't get herself into trouble, appparently some of her friends want to go and do a protest sit down somewhere. Fat lot of good that'll do except get you made a marked person said I, don't do it. At 16 its fine but at 60 you wont be treated sympathetically.

Last week they decided to stop and interrogate Greyhound buses that pass over any coastal waterways like the Delaware gap and they've beefed up the border patrols at all such inlets. I knew this would happen, I foresaw it coming a year ago, its yer divide and conquer technique and letting them off the leash is a huge mistake, they are not manned by decent Americans after all who do you think a job like that appeals to, eh?

I told you so. You wouldnt listen, you said "Oh it can't happen here" well believe you me its just begun.

    • I'm sorry, but... - Sarge, Fri Feb 9 09:07 are falling victim to a degree to Tam's and others ability to foment outrage because they "lost" to a loathsome candidate by making the mistake of running someone slightly more loathsome... more
      • I totally agree - Goose, Fri Feb 9 18:20
        And, after all, it was Obama who wanted the "citizen defense" or whatever it was. What scares me is the Patriot Act, the powers to spy on citizens via NSA/FBI. Yeah, they were spying on Trump before... more
      • I really dont want to get into this - mike, Fri Feb 9 10:43
        So its my fault for starting it by posting that. Also I have good reasons of my own for not wishing to make rash statements that might possibly trigger a person of interest response from some online... more
        • Just a political observation - Goose, Sat Feb 10 16:26
          Every Jew in Israel seems to love Trump. They seem super relieved that Obama is gone. :D
        • Its probably best... - Sarge, Fri Feb 9 11:52
 leave this one where it lies. I'll still rise to defend (at least most of) the people of my profession but on the other hand, having lived all over the Western world (I managed somehow to avoid ... more
          • Perzackerly - me, Fri Feb 9 16:49
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