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back on track
Fri Feb 9, 2018 02:50

Chapters 11 and 12 mention the little park outside Tolberts flat and chapter 21 was where I began to expand upon its origins but didnt go further.

just finished a quick skim thru the story so time to start again

    • Re: back on track - roger, Sat Feb 10 00:37
      This group of exchanges dated 2/9/18 has been very enlightening. My problem is that I don't know what to say in response I do hope that this group can keep going as it has.
      • I hope so too, Roger - mike, Sat Feb 10 09:18
        Even though you don't post as much as Sarge that doesn't mean your posts aren't just as valuable to me, I need the support and deserve the criticism (when there has been any, which there hasn't... more
      • I'm mystified, Roger. - sarge, Sat Feb 10 08:59
        Why would it not? If you are referring to the grouping under the Brownshirt heading, we are all old men from a generation when you disagree emphatically yet the boat remains stable and on course even ... more
        • Re: I'm mystified, Roger. - roger, Sun Feb 11 00:19
          As you know I participate on several train and model rail forums. Many times when an exchange takes place similar to the one here there is a major blow-up. I hoped that would not happen here. I know... more
          • Its a big difference here... - Sarge, Sun Feb 11 09:14
            ...from a forum. Everyone here is by Mike's invitation. Mike and I have a strong friendship, and an exchange like that has no bearing on real friendships (not the internet kind). Yes it was strongly... more
            • Re: Its a big difference here... - roger, Mon Feb 12 08:57
              Sarge, I understood that this was not a forum. Just using that as a reference. Must say that I enjoy the Basement although still not sure why I am here. That does NOT mean I want out. We seem to be... more
              • Why you are here Roger? - MIKE, Mon Feb 12 17:42
                You are here because I thought you would fit in well being as how you already knew Sarge, Rufus and myself from MTJ. I liked the tone of your responses there, you generally ignored posts that had the ... more
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