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my best find yet!
Fri Feb 9, 2018 21:21

This ones brilliant! 1938

The following supplied by someone from the Comments

A few little things to note:
1. The Town Crier is a caricature of Alexander Woollcott. Scenes with him were originally edited out at the order of his estate, but were recently restored.

2. The Good Earth is saying, "Please bless Papa Leon and Uncle Ray", a reference to Producer Leon Schlesinger and business manager Ray Katz, who both worked for Warner Brothers and oversaw the animation department.

3 . The singers are caricatures of the Mills Brothers and Cab Calloway.

4. When the Thin Man walks past on the desk, the memo on the desk reads "Ask the Boss for a raise".

5. The tune that plays when the Thin Man walks past is "I'm A Nut" or "The Acorn Song".

6. The book "Bulldog Drummin" is a reference to the fictional character "Bulldog Drummond".

7. The earlier Merrie Melodies cartoons were advertising vehicles for songs in the Warner Brothers music library. These cartoon shorts helped to sell records and sheet music for songs sold under the Warner label. Most of these had no discernible plot; it was just a way to sell the song. Some of the songs that were featured in these older shorts would be used as background music in later Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes cartoons.

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