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Cleavers are hellacious weapons
Sat Feb 10, 2018 09:34

Yesterday I finally located exactly the piece of wood I wanted. Its a sapling about 2" in diameter thats been corkscrewed by a vines coiling tightly into it.

I took my cleaver with me and used it to chop through the base of the trunk as well as six foot up - only in reverse order obviously. It cut through that tough wood with surprising ease, each stroke making a deep, clean cut.

It has a hollow tubular steel handle, fitted with a short stout stick inserted into the handle it would possibly be a better fighting tool than an axe by virtue of having a larger cutting face and thinner cross section reducing the weight and giving it some of the characteristics of a sword.

When you tap the blade it rings like a bell, a nice clear sound suggesting a good quality steel which is also shown by the blackening from surface corrosion, it will rust but only lightly and polishes up well with a Brillo pad and lots of elbow grease.

You cannot easily find blades of this quality nowadays, theres far too much reliance on stainless steel which isnt necessarily inferior but only if the correct alloying is used as it rarely is.

All my good kitchen knives are high carbon steel and what difference in their cutting abilities and ease of sharpening plus the ability to hold a good edge. I could almost build myself a forge and take up blacksmithing just for the satisfaction of having a few good blades.

I've always had a fondness for knives indeed I hope when they bury me they put a sword or at least a long knife in the coffin just in case there really is an afterlife I wouldnt want to be ill equipped for Valhalla.

    • My ex SIL gave me a knife set for Xmas - Goose, Sat Feb 10 11:47
      Is branded "Smith and Wesson", but it's cheap Chinese he got off a snap on truck on his credit line. It has a bigger skinner which is crap, doesn't hold an edge for crap. That blade has a gut hook. I ... more
      • Here's a pic of the new Schrade - Goose, Sat Feb 10 12:12
        • Nice knife but - mike, Sat Feb 10 17:08
          I prefer mine to have a cross guard preferably made of thick brass. It can save you from a nasty cut if your hand or a finger slips down onto the blade. In the unlikely event of having to fight... more
          • Just added weight - Goose, Sat Feb 10 17:21
            The pommel guard, on a weed whacker. :D I have a fighting knife, several, in .38 Special, .357 magnum, 9mm, .45ACP....:D If I'd wanted a fighting knife, for five bucks more, that Bowie had a pommel... more
            • I had a Japanese friend in college - Goose, Sat Feb 10 17:34
              He was really interested in my replica 1851 Navy revolver. His dad worked at the Cyclotron unit, physicist, and his family had a history of Samurai, and he was a first degree black belt in Shin Do.... more
              • We taught the same... - sarge, Sat Feb 10 18:15
                ...if I understand you correctly. Backwards with the blade along the forearm. You won't grab my wrist. Plunging becomes a pulling motion, which is a more powerful use of the arm than stabbing, which... more
                • and what a lovely noise they make! - mike, Sat Feb 10 20:15
                  In the war Dad was a gunner - artillery - the something Northamptonshire? I wish I knew, he refused to ever talk about it, all I got was from Mum. Dad was one of the poor sods detailed to cover the... more
                  • LOL All "bangs" aren't equal - Goose, Sat Feb 10 21:45
                    One of the reasons I love to play with muzzle loaders and cap and ball revolvers is the noise black powder makes....."BOOOOOM!" That's BOOOM, not pow, but BOOOOM. LOL Of course, attended by all the... more
                  • Did he... - sarge, Sat Feb 10 20:30
                    ...ever bring anything home you know he shot? That story rings very very close to home so I'll tell you a secret. I like the bang, too, but I never could shoot an animal after the Army. Still can't... more
                  • One more thing - mike, Sat Feb 10 20:30
                    I like the BANG! too, now I'm older and wiser I don't want to kill even rodents for sport though I would make an exception for rats. I've shot a few guns in my time and the one I fell in love with... more
        • Knives... - Sarge, Sat Feb 10 16:43
          I like a good knife, but don't collect them really. I still have three from my military days. First is a Camillus para's knife. Looks like a hefty scout jackknife from the 60s except orange grips and ... more
          • I've carried both - Goose, Sat Feb 10 17:16
            Leatherman and Swiss Army knife. I'll let you HAVE the Swiss contraption. I can pull nose hairs with my pliers, pick my teeth with a small screw driver blade. :D This could be handy, I suppose, for... more
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