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Frodo sucks!
Sat Feb 10, 2018 23:29

Not content with slagging off Harry Potter I shall now debag the original hippy icon of The Lord of the Rings!

The story is fine though the elven geneology does get a bit tedious. No, Tolkien (unlike Rowling) was a great writer and I read the books when they first came out before they became warped by the fans into something Tolkien never meant.

However right from the start I thought Bilbo was a far better character than Frodo and frankly I think Sam is the real hero of the tale, Frodo's a wimp.

So you can guess which book I decided to take another look at!

    • Perspectives... - sarge, Sun Feb 11 09:48
      We have a very different perspective. This discussion below explains a few "why we see characters differently", at least to me as I know think about it more. I strongly agree about Frodo, and that... more
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