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I hope Chapter 52 worked well enough
Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:52

To make you all feel reasonably happy with the story so far?

Chapter 53 is a bit ragged around the edges too but if I press on the story telling will get back to its normal flow, if I sit and wait for it all to come back to me - it won't happen! So better I do the best I can for now in the hope that my style improves as the rust is polished off.

I'm sorry about the hiatus - it nearly sank me. Oddly enough rediscovering Goose was a big help too, being a question of 'God's in his heaven and alls right with the world' because when I start losing friends it affects me. Please, ALL of you be so good as to politely request your next of kin to put up a brief message to the effect that so and so has kicked the bucket if or when it should happen.

I suggest you put up a message to that effect on your desktop so it can be easily spotted. Do it in Wordpad or Notebook and include the link to this site with instructions about how to enter the text via cut and paste. Sorry if this sounds morbid but I'm doing it myself to ensure that Tammy doesnt forget to say goodbye on my behalf. You all mean a lot to me, my personal Council of Elders!

Last night I couldnt sleep which was odd because I'd cut out my usual nap and given Herbert 3 walks so by rights I should have been knackered and so I was right up until I turned out the lights!

My imagination was bubbling with ideas, strange full colour close ups of carved wooden designs so powerful were the images that I could have drawn them and would have had I the necessary equipment close at hand. I was seeing very Nordic crude but powerful faces and dragonship prows, these were all executed in runic style, being a series of straight cuts no curvy stuff but lots of straights joined up where a sort of curve was required.

I could even smell the resinous pine and cedar being carved with the camera of the minds eye in close up following my saw and chisel as I carried out the carvings. Very weird, almost like a film, as if I had been transported back in time and was a shipwright in Norway or similar location full of fiords.

So when Herbert started her soft whining routine I gave up attempting to sleep and got up to let her out after which I sat down and fired up the computer to resume writing. I guess I worked from 2am to 3am approximately and then took some aleve to ease my aching bones which knocked me out so I didnt awaken until 8.30 am which is very late for me I'm usually up at 6.

I'm treading very carefully around this whole portal idea. Its easy enough to create one but its like a dog chasing a car tyre, what are you going to do with it when you've caught it? I had an idea which I briefly laid the groundwork for much earlier when I mentioned Hobs Carn (I'm sure I did). This was my very first attempt at a story for radio and I made a cassette tape of it to send to an old friend in Germany one Frank Weekes.

Yes! It's Chapter 31 where I introduced it here's a clip to aid your memory '...what certain members of a group known as the Hellfire Club got up to one of whom built himself a mansion not far from here at a place known as Hobs Carn. Hobs Carn was an ancient mound atop which was a circle of standing stones. The fellow outraged local opinion by having this site incorporated into the foundations of his ostentatious mansion in such a way as to leave it undamaged but contained within what became a kind of catacomb or basement....'

I'd originally thought of having Ronnie Webb take Tolbert there during which he'd experience a transition to a magic riddled alternative Cornwall and be shown how the standing stones were like psychic radio stations keeping the ancient order of Celtic shamans - mislabelled as Druids - in connection with each other in their widely scattered and highly secretive communities which exist anywhere the Celts called their own until the Romans dispossessed them by a deliberate policy of genocide.

Okay so I'm using these Christmas episodes as a way to give me a breathing space whilst I figure out exactly how to use this new portal that I've sort of introduced without being too specific at the moment.

There! I hope this whetes your appetites and helpful suggestions and lavish praise will be welcome!

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