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Today was driveway day
Mon Feb 12, 2018 18:33

I stopped by the gravel place in Hallettsville today and got 7 yards of rock, they call it "wash rock", delivered. I just got done spreading about half of it patching holes and extending part of the driveway. I'd already had the Cub Cadet out of the shed covered with a tarp and the Johnny Bucket installed. The Johnny Bucket is basically an electrically actuated front end loader, 3 Cu Ft, takes the work out of spreading gravel let me tell ya. :D

I had a hole in the driveway the wife has been nagging me about. At least I shut HER up for a while. LOL! I've got about half of the pile left over for patch jobs. The rock seems to slowly sink into the dirt, so has to be bulked up occasionally.

    • I know what a pain they can be - mike, Mon Feb 12 20:48
      When we first moved to Virginia - ex wife - down in a neck, there was a long driveway of gravel and crush and run but it was laid over swampland basically. So it sank gradually over the year. The guy ... more
      • You do realise... - sarge, Tue Feb 13 06:55
        in five years time it all pops out the other side to be quarried in Australia, don't you? Grin!
        • Re: You do realise... - Goose, Tue Feb 13 12:13
          And, here, I thought it just added to the magma pool under Jellystone. :D
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