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I know what a pain they can be
Mon Feb 12, 2018 20:48

When we first moved to Virginia - ex wife - down in a neck, there was a long driveway of gravel and crush and run but it was laid over swampland basically. So it sank gradually over the year. The guy who owned the land asked me to drive very slowly because my big Olds was 'tearing up' the drive.

Load of balls, I always drove slowly for my suspension and ball joints sake anyway. His retarded son rode a tractor up and down it like a frigging drag strip.

So the guy took to raking and rolling the drive on a regular basis and that helped with rut formation but hell man the ground was like a sponge, it ate fresh fill at least twice a year. By the time we were ready to move I'd had all the drive way experiences I can use for the rest of my life.

By rights the whole Eastern Shore should be swampland, anywhere thats not field drained and ditched reverts to swamp in less than a year including my garden. How the original builders/developers ever managed to convince the county that the land 'percs' I just don't know.

The water table is about 12" below ground level at best. If you dont run the cold water line for a minute or two it smells suspiciously pongy so I use a Brita filter jug for drinking water and since I boil it to make tea which is what I mostly drink I guess between that and the filter I'm not actually swallowing sewage but I wouldnt want to take any bets on it.

  • Today was driveway day - Goose, Mon Feb 12 18:33
    I stopped by the gravel place in Hallettsville today and got 7 yards of rock, they call it "wash rock", delivered. I just got done spreading about half of it patching holes and extending part of the... more
    • I know what a pain they can be - mike, Mon Feb 12 20:48
      • You do realise... - sarge, Tue Feb 13 06:55
        in five years time it all pops out the other side to be quarried in Australia, don't you? Grin!
        • Re: You do realise... - Goose, Tue Feb 13 12:13
          And, here, I thought it just added to the magma pool under Jellystone. :D
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