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Chapter 54
Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:01

To my surprise I soon found out that my father was most interested in my experiences whilst in Cornwall and Wales prompted, he said, by my mothers insistence that I should make use of my inherited peculiarities.

"She said that, father? I mean those were the words she used?" I said, somewhat taken aback.

"Your grandfather was the Grand Master of his lodge, did you know that?"

I had no idea of this nor did it make a lot of sense to me though I filed it away for future investigation. As far as I knew, which wasn't much, the freemasons were a sort of men only club who practiced some odd secret rituals and were mainly concerned with charity work largely for their own benefit.

"Aren't they a sort of Benevolent Society?" I replied

"I suppose you could put it like that but there's rather more to them than that. I've been invited to join myself but I politely refused because I don't agree with their beliefs which can include some restrictive practices. However your grandfathers lodge was more esoteric than the usual sort, he played an important part in the Forest of Dean eisteddfod as did your grandmother.

They had high hopes for your uncle to become involved too but he joined the Navy which almost caused his father to disown him but your mothers intervention saved Peter from grandfathers wrath.

Grandfathers lodge seeks out those of Celtic descent because they believe in the resurrection of Druidism and actively pursue a form of training designed to bring out the latent mysticism a strong strain of which is inherent to men of Welsh lineage. Your mother forbade your grandfather to try and encourage you to take part in his beliefs and your uncle said he would keep his children away if he tried to persuade them to show an interest in druidism."

"But why, Father? I don't see what harm there is in it. As far as I know the emphasis is on culture, music, poetry, crafts that sort of thing. Alright so some of them dress up in white robes and odd headgear rather like the Arab sheikhs wear and they stand in a circle at Stonehenge and chant to praise the change of seasons but there's nothing sinister about that, is there?"

"Tolbert I don't know if you are being deliberately obtuse or have somehow managed to avoid seeing what's in front of you or perhaps you are scared by what you experienced and are trying to deny it ever happened.

Although you were very careful to describe your meeting with David Jones from the viewpoint of a rational observer presented with inexplicable phenomena, I thought you did so most skillfully, no one reading it could possibly accuse you of being delusional. You were somewhat less guarded in your earlier report about the events you witnessed in Cornwall but your mother immediately saw the truth of the matter and she insisted that I understand that your abilities are not to be dismissed as over imaginative fancies."

I wondered how hard it had been for my father to bring himself to accept what my mother had said. It couldn't have been easy because it wasn't easy for me even now when faced with overwhelming evidence that what I had always worried about wasn't an indication that I had a screw loose.

The professor was the first person that I'd felt comfortable discussing this with when we went on a walk up on the downs with his dog Shiela and I'd told him exactly what the extent of the influence was that I'd detected surrounding a specific area of vegetation.

If it hadn't been for his telling me about his South American experience meeting Messr. Brull I wouldn't have felt confident enough to confess my own peculiar sensitivity to, for want of a proper term, psychic influences.

Then, of course, the cats cradle device had acted like a psychic tuner and amplifier and though I had not put this down in my notes it had acted on me like a knife blade on an oyster, opening up the shell that I'd constructed since early childhood to keep my sanity by blocking out the signals.

We have so many convenient circumlocutions we use to hide us from inconvenient truths and perhaps this is partly because there isn't a vocabulary specific to the wide range of psychic phenomena which humans can experience.

I'd spent my early years inventing a series of convenient ways of explaining what I perceived whilst insulating myself from becoming unhinged. This sort of mental gymnastics is necessary because you can't talk about, ask advice about, things other people cannot perceive. If on the other hand you do decide to grab the bull by the horns and go in search of similarly gifted (or afflicted) people, you are most likely to find yourself in the company of attention seekers, charlatans, and others of that ilk.

As I explained all this to my father I could see him assimilating it and then I paused to hear what he had to say because I could see he was ready to do so.

"Alright Tolbert, I'm glad that's out in the open because my advice, or rather I should say your mothers advice with which I agree is that you should do your best to get Mr Webb and his German friend along with Mr Jones together with yourself and the professor to combine forces and come up with a strategy that you can present to the Colonel.

In my opinion he will do everything he can to help overcome any difficulties you encounter in this plan of action. Its in his own best interests as the commanding officer to have solutions to present to his superiors as soon as possible. Yours or your groups talents are more valuable because of their unusual nature. Engineers and technicians we have in abundance, they can work on their own or as a team equally well.

I dont underestimate the value of their contributions but mechanisms already exist to make the most of them.
Your group is rather like a few musicians who on their own cannot amount to much but if combined to form an orchestra and given a suitable conductor can create a tremendously powerful and moving symphony. So your first objective must be to form the orchestra. "

So those words of wisdom were echoing in my brain as I drove back to London determined to complete the writing necessary to present the Colonel with a synopsis of the notes that were for the professor to study and a few short articles for the magazines the Club put out to trawl for possible future candidates.

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