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Well, Mike, I kept the URL to this site in my TWT PM box
Tue Feb 13, 2018 17:41

Damned good thing since some malware crap corrupted my Mozilla browser, fire fox, and I had to uninstall it. Wife downloaded Google Chrome for some reason a few weeks ago so that's what I'm on, now. Had to put my bookmarks back, the ones I use all the time, and went to the TWT site to get this URL and bookmark again. Seems like a good backup. :D

I was looking for music download sites, clicking around this one, and all of a sudden this voice starts telling me I've been corrupted and the screen goes wonky. I couldn't close the browser, couldn't shut off the computer as it has a battery back up. I had to use control/alt/delete and go to the task manager to get out of the browser. Fire it back up and right back to that malware. So, I just uninstalled the bastard. There are no other bookmarks in there I cannot figure out with google in due time. LOL I always liked Google Chrome, anyway, but for some reason the wife uninstalled it some time ago in the other computer before it bit the dust.

    • You do read the top bar icons? - mike, Tue Feb 13 21:45
      Right before the URL you should get a little green padlock or like this place a circle with an i in it which means its not secure but not at risk either. Padlocks that are red or have a slash through ... more
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