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Happy Valentine's Day
Wed Feb 14, 2018 20:24

I was a good boy today. We went to El Campo. Wife had to reschedule something at the quilt shop, I had to go by the news paper office and put in an ad for the church, then went to the jeweler where I'd left my grandpa's watch a year ago. They couldn't fix it, no parts. So, I just got it back from 'em 'cause it's a keep sake. They had a pair of ear rings there, jade emblazoned, crosses that matched the necklace I gave her a few years back for Christmas. I asked how much? "$58." Hmm, so I bought 'em and she gift wrapped 'em and I slid 'em into my vest pocket. We ate at the fanciest place in town, one of those places where you don't get much and it costs a lot, but it tastes REALLY good. :D While we were waiting on our orders, I gave it to her. She cried, I won, and without even involving diamonds. LOL!

    • Nice story - mike, Wed Feb 14 22:23
      I kissed a cashier at Walmart! Really nice lady, very helpful, was just about to leave and she said Happy Valentines. I said "Yeah Right!" and reached across the counter and gave her a peck on the... more
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