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chitty chitty bang bang
Thu Mar 8, 2018 23:13

Wonderful movie, haven't seen it in years, cheered me up no end.

Completely over the top and worth every minute, what a cast!

Roland Emmett in absentia, Lionel Jeffries, James R, Justice.
Benny Hill, Stanley Unwin, Gert Frobe, and the rest

    • I must admit... - Sarge, Fri Mar 9 06:34
      ...having never seen it. Now I must. Off to Baltimore/Johns Hopkins today for tests; already an unpleasant day. Grin! Mentioned as I'll be out of the net today til this evening. A quick word, You and ... more
      • Re: I must admit... - roger, Fri Mar 9 08:06
        Mike, Daniels problem with joining us is that he would hear a lot more that he might not want to hear from a bunch of old guys. Now for this old guy it is always interesting in the basement.
        • Heaven knows I've asked him to join in many times before and he could be a useful member of this select group but he's always got some excuse or another for staying away. Alas ones children rarely... more
          • I say again that if Daniel wants to put up with us we can put up with him. Would be glad to hear from him anytime, just now and then or every day.
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