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Todays idle thoughts
Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:07

Saturday April 14th 2018
1. Strange monopod tracks at the waters edge
2. When will the fiddler crabs re-emerge
3. Herbert has her first swim of the year
4. A new sort of orange jellyfish - freshly spawned?
5. The buds, leaves and blossoms are bursting forth
6. Ill advised assault on Syria?
7 Its getting warmer but still very blustery.
8. Pro-Tracker continues to infuriate me.
9. WoS seems to be in a bit of a slump lately.
10. Victorian N.Y. was no place for the poor/criminal.

As I believe I have said many times before, it is my wont to take the dog for her walk down to a small jetty on a backwater. This walk is unusual in that its very sparsely inhabited by dwellings or other walkers and that allows Herbert to run free and hunt fruitlessly but with much enjoyment. I, for my part, enjoy watching what she does - its an education in itself - and making my own observations, advancing hypotheses about the why and what I've seen.

If I don't make notes about these idle thoughts, they quickly evaporate which is occasionally to be regretted although for the most part it doesn't really matter. Composing doggerel sometimes helps retain the memories until I can jot them down but it usually sends me off at a tangent. So today I actually took my journal with me although its too windy to write on the jetty which is my preferred vantage point. So I borrowed an absent neighbours porch as my perch and herewith the result.

At first glance it looked like an aerial view of a wide, silt laden tidal river estuary with multiple branches erratically twisting and turning. So I thought, as the tide went out, various drainage runnels caused this but this was a new phenomenon and I view this same stretch of foreshore every day and have done so for several years. Also theres no sign of any trapped pools or drainage runoff that could have caused this and in any case these tracks go uphill not just down. Finally I discovered the cause being a species of snail, perhaps a winkle, because every trail finally ended at a snail. Odd that, they must have got a move on to leave trails almost three to four feet long in the time it took for the tide to ebb maybe halfway out.

By summertime this same stretch of foreshore is alive with fiddler crabs and their holes. Its amazing to watch a crab the size of a nickel emerge claw first from a hole whose diameter is less than a pencil width. Where do they go? When do they go? When will they return? What are the environmental factors that send a signal to them and where are they hiding until then? Do they hibernate? It doesn't seem likely, they are so small, how could they hold enough reserves? I could always use a spade to dig down and see but why disturb them and possibly kill them by so doing, better to watch the shoreline carefully and remember to make a note of when they first appear. Maybe its a Spring signal?

Talking of Spring signals, today Herbert marched boldly down to the waters edge and kept on going unti almost afloat. Perhaps its her way of getting rid of the winter build up of loose hair, skin cells, unwanted hitchhikers! Whatever the reason, she swam slowly back and forth quite oblivious to the jellyfish, I'm rather surprised that she didn't try to eat one, perhaps she's already learned the hard way that they can sting her sensitive mouth. She is prone to eating most things she comes across like fish guts, dessicated road kill, various revolting dead things so I'd have thought a nice juicy jellyfish would tempt her.

Talking of which, theres what seems to be a different type of jellyfish out and about, they are very small and quite numerous, perhaps recent spawnings? What makes them unusual is their colour, its a bright orange and they seem rather more energetic than usual. They are about 1 1/2" across and their filaments are more visible than usual. Thats why I enjoy these dog walks, theres always something different to take note of.

The grass has riz, I wonder where dem boidies is?
Dem little boids is on der wing aint dat absoid?
Der little wings is on der boid.

I first read that in an early Simon Templar book when he had a Bronx sidekick known as Hoppy Uniatz. Funny how things stick in the memory, I must have been about 16 years old when I discovered those books. They haven't aged well mores the pity. I found one a few months ago and couldn't understand why I had originally found them so enjoyable.
Be that as it may, around here the Spring is putting out buds, leaves and blossoms with a vengeance. Its amzing how fecund this area is, Life seems to burst forth with alacrity. Good thing too I have had it with cold, damp weather and horrendous heating bills.

How ferkin predictable was that? I don't want to waste words on it, wouldn't have mentioned it at all but was awoken in the small hours (Hint:- You don't want to do this without good reason as I can react violently) by cries of distress from Tammy who is obviously scared stiff at the potential for disaster. I kindly did not yell at her for waking me up, I did point out that its the sort of thing to be expected given the shambles of Trump and Mays excuses for leadership and doubtless the Frog is similarly hog tied by his own incompetence. Its that weary old formula for defllecting public disgust, we ...ed up lets bomb someone it makes us look strong.

This is the first day I felt able to go out without a jacket. The first day this year. Its finally warming up but still blustery. Can't have it all.

No point in saying more.

Theres an interesting dynamic at work here because a lot of the rats jumped ship to start their own Spectrum site because techies don't have social skills and they cannot stand the personalities making friends at WoS. Theres a hard core of maybe a dozen faithful users of WoS and then there are a few valued techies who still provide help when its needed but seem to prefer the new site which has banned non computer related messages. Keeping it real, eh guys?
Yeah well that being the case how come you keep lurking and occasionally chiming in on the non computer banter that is a regular feature of WoS? Out of interest I backtracked through the message database ten years to find the same friendly few exchanging views and encouraging newcomers who often say they have arrived because of the unfriendliness of the techie sites.
I hope the slump is just a temporary thing.

Just been dipping into a book Tammy brought home about a pickpocket in New York during the late 19th century. It goes into the conditions extant in Five Points, the venality of the judges and the prison system, its a real eye opener. Nothing romantic or likely to make you wax nostalgic when you read about how carelessly judges dispensed sentences, the horror show of juvenile imprisonment on ships supposed to make them better for the experience and the virtual inevitability of the disenfranchised youngsters being turned to crime in order to stay alive. Oliver Twist had it easy.

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      • The perfect word for the chump - mike, Sat Apr 14 20:07
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          Without long explanations and too much talk, it seems that since 1955, I have voted against rather than for the presidential candidate. Mostly seemed to be the lesser evil. I also probably, not... more
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