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Memory Lane for a Rainy Day
Sun Apr 15, 2018 09:32

My wife got command of the telly last night so she could watch some ongoing TLC "reality" drivvle about an inbred family of thirty in Arkansas marrying off their daughters at 16 for Jesus.

Anyway, the modern age has me able to crack out a couple-generations-down (so cheap) iPad and a set of headphones so we could "sit together" (very important!) but I don't have to be subject to that arse gravy.

Instead, I rediscovered a favourite of mine from long ago now. "Dad's Army" is well represented on the tube of ewe. I binged the first season last night, and it holds up against my memory quite well. Given the weather for the next couple days, it looks like a romp through the lot of them is in order.

The very thing for the rainy cold period upon us.

"Stick it up 'em. Jerry don't like it up 'em!" - L/cpl Jones

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