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How come no feedback on my video links
Fri May 11, 2018 07:50

I put them up because I thought they would be enjoyable for some of you at least!

Even if you have a different spin on the historical side of things, perhaps think a presentation is too biased, theres no reason not to enjoy the pretty pictures!

Or more likely you're too busy, meant to take a look later, I do that all the time and forget to follow up on other peoples links. Never mind. I just thought they would be enjoyed.

    • They will be! - Sarge, Fri May 11 09:48
      I believe tonight my wife is meant to watch some sort of reality drivvle, so opportunity should present itself.
      • I watched... - sarge, Sat May 12 10:12
        ...the 1900 one last night, then the suggestions made by Youtube had me to look at another about the 1950s. The former was quite good I thought. The latter wasn't bad really, but struck me more '60s... more
        • Just dont read the comments! - mike, Sat May 12 11:14
          There are some truly moronic comments passed not to mention the usual ludicrous rants about world domination choose the flavour! I can happily ignore what are obvious trolls but its the... more
          • I never read them - sarge, Sun May 13 08:35
            Comment sections are there for idiots. Either a pimple-faced hygiene impaired sack-o-fat living in Mummy's basement who still thinks anything to do with the toilet or sex is "humour" or "clever" ("He ... more
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