Today's torture
Thu Jun 7, 2018 17:33

Had a EGD or something like that, where they go into your mouth with a scope all the way to the pyloric valve and into the small intestine. They took a tissue sample for biopsy. They're going into the other end in a couple of weeks. Oh, joy, drink all this crap, shit your brains out at 5AM and all night. I just can't friggin' WAIT. Today's procedure just required I not eat or drink after 12PM and had to stay off the meds this morning. That don't sound like much, but I had to go all morning without my coffee. I was a wreck until I could finally have some coffee. LOL

Other than my gut hurts a bit, I'm okay with what happened today. I was out, dreamed I was in a war. Don't know who I was shooting at or who was shooting at me, but I woke up a might jumpy. I still remember the dream I had when they put me out when I was 5 for an eye procedure, nurse was coming after me with an axe and I got tangled in a barbed wire fence as she approached. That one was scary. LOL

They didn't use the same anesthetic they used on me for the bone marrow biopsy. THAT stuff knocked me OUT, no dreams, just woke up wondering what happened. LOL It was the same stuff that killed Michael Jackson. I kinda woke up in the middle of this one, kinda. I barely recall feeling that tube going down my throat. I was out, just kinda recalled it after I woke up.

I hope, when I get that colostomy in a couple of weeks, I don't wake up feeling it poking my ass. That would not be nice.

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