Goodbye Hillary
Sat Jul 7, 2018 07:43

Hillary a 12yr old border collie, who was the first to welcome us when we moved in and who later brought Herbert to us has died (or will soon) due to an unfortunate accident.

She was taking shelter from a rainstorm by lying under a pickup truck the owner of which drove over her not realising she was there.

Her injuries weren't immediately fatal but they were severe, she had a crushed pelvic girdle and her jaw was also broken. Who knows what internal damage there was and the cost of repairing the damage would have exceeded $5000 and then only if she survived a long drive to a distant hospital. Betty her owner, the old lady that helps us out with travel, called me up to tell me and ask me what she should do.

I told her that in my view the kindest thing would be to have the vet put her down, Betty cant afford the cost of surgery, shes an old dog with not much life left in her and given her habit of walking out in front of moving vehicles its a miracle this hasnt happened before. Recently I've noticed Hillary is getting erratic, losing weight and realised that part of the problem was she had bad teeth and couldnt eat the dry food.

I said to Tammy who was weeping and trying to figure ways of saving her "Listen love, if it was me I'd hope someone would put me down to get rid of the pain." I can state this with some authority having suffered continuously now for three weeks!

Hillary was the first dog that Tammy had ever been attracted to, she was always a cat loving personality but Hillary was very intelligent and a cut above the usual run of the mill arse sniffers

Hillary knew us very well and always came round to see if we were alright and frequently stopped over for the night. I gave her the walks she really loved, she and Herbert hunted as a team and were very very good at it except Herbert always ate the catch right there and then bones, fur and all!

Hillary was the model for the dog in my story. I loved her too and vice versa, Herbert will be cut up about this although I suspect she senses her loss already.

Poor Kelly, Bettys daughter, is suffering a massive guilt trip because she was the one that ran her over but its not her fault, Hillary has never previously hidden under a vehicle, so there was no reason to look for anyone before driving off.

Another angel has returned to heaven.

    • Give everyone... - sarge, Sat Jul 7 14:54
      ...a hug or a good stroking from us here at Dungfield Manor. Not only from me, Tad, and Donna, but Hobbes, Grrr, the Swede, Caledonia, and Poppet send their best (and they can!) to you, Tam, Herbert, ... more
      • thankyou all very much - mike, Sat Jul 7 20:36
        I took Herbert over to Bettys house and she went straight to the spot where the accident happened and sniffed at it for several minutes in a thoughtful way before continuing up to the front door... more
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