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Explaining the joke
Sun Jul 8, 2018 08:23

When the Spectrum came onto the home computer market circa 1982 some retailers would put them on display connected to a TV perhaps showing a game screen or maybe a short text message.

Anyone in the know would be able to quickly write a little program adding their own text such as "John is the greatest"
and have it repeat itself.

Thats what the printing in the picture means, print 'FART' and repeat that instruction!

When I saw this first thing in the morning with a mouthful of tea it made me explode with laughter and shower the screen with tea! Its the expression on the evil little sods face, you can just imagine some little sod doing that and thinking it the last word in wit!

Until the not very bright shop clerks caught on to what was happening there was quite a graffiti 'war' going on with these machines set up to let people try them out.

I used to type in a program that asked the onlooker to 'Type in your name and press Enter' and the result would be a few choices of smart aleck responses chosen by using the random command.

Ah those were the days, at one point W.H.SMITH in Hertford was quite popular with Spectrum addicts waiting their turn to display their latest message! It was frowned upon to be offensive though, points were made by the ingenuity of the typed in program because if you took too long on the keyboard some clerk would notice and come over to turn it off, so you had to be very quick as well as original.

It was a harmless entertainment but it didnt last long mainly thanks to the morons who thought printing F*CK was the last word in sophisticated humour and demonstrating their computer skills!

    • Anyone who... - sarge, Sun Jul 8 20:38
      ...did anything in Dartmouth Basic will remember enough to get that too. I love that face!
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