I think theres hope for humanity
Sun Jul 8, 2018 09:10

When we can take another species to our hearts as we do with our dogs and cats and horses, those animals that possess a certain spirit, enough individuality to recognize and appreciate our companionship.

I'm sorry but that does not include fish, reptiles, insects and whatever else some misguided humans insist on keeping as 'pets' and to be perfectly honest I only grudgingly allowed cats and horses into that charmed circle of animal friends because I have enjoyed meaningful relationships with both.

Really I think dogs are special and a cut above the rest but I recognize my personal bias as being possibly unfair. That having been said by way of an apology, what I really was thinking about was just how special the dog/human bond has been and it must date back millenia.

In the final analysis - I offer no speculation as to who or what may be doing the analysis - in terms of the 'judge not lest ye be judged' final decision on our worth, it just might be that which saves us from the thumbs down at the end.

The end. I've been a bit thoughtful about The End of late, hardly surprisingly because apart from Hillary's unfortunate demise I've been re-reading Arthur C. Clarke's 'Childhoods End' a book which greatly impressed me when I first read it some fifty plus years ago and which if anything has made even more of an impression on its second reading.

He was a very clever man, not perhaps given the appreciation he deserved but then that's more often true than not. Its the unsung heroes that really make all the difference, not the loudly trumpeted second raters that like to bask in the uncritical adulation of media dependant frenzy.

'The City and the Stars' is another of his books that made me think but 'Childhoods End' is the best in my opinion. It combines ingenuity with good story telling and is, if anything, even more relevant today than when it was written.

I thought his explanation of why humanity must not be allowed to see one of the Overlords until two generations have passed was particularly clever as was the reason why they were sent to nip in the bud our beginning to investigate the paranormal.

This explanation also rather depressed me because of my own recently interrupted story line. I find myself wondering if any of my stories possess any real originality or are not simply a synthesis of everything I've read before even though I don't recall their influence unless like in the latter example my memory gets jogged by refamiliarising myself.

Its a real creativity destroyer to read what you thought were your own unique observations in the form of something from your past being brought to your attention. I would never deliberately plagiarize, my story was based upon my own observations so all I can do is comfort myself with the thought that if I had drawn these conclusions from my own experience then so must other equally observant people.

Oh well, since thoughts of publication never entered the equation there's nothing to worry about in terms of people saying "you pinched that idea from so and so's work." Besides it's a message that bears repeating especially today when, should you so desire, you can depress yourself to an almost suicidal level by discovering just how much appalling damage we have wrought upon our planet.

Hence the title of this piece. One can but hope that when weighed upon the scales of justice by the entity responsible for final judgement, one might hope for a few good dogs to offer a rebuttal on ones behalf? Its a forlorn hope but the best I've got.

    • I read this... - sarge, Sun Jul 8 10:11
      ...with Hobbes having jumped up in my lap, purred a greeting, heaved a great sigh after receiving a "Hallo, old mate" and a gentle scratch about the temples (he loves that) and dosing off. Yeah, you... more
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