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Its my birthday tomorrow
Sun Jul 8, 2018 09:25

My darling daughter is going to come here early - she says - and take me shopping. I'm hoping we may find an affordable Netbook if such a creature still exists, a clone of my old Acer Aspire would be favourite even though it only had the underpowered Atom processor, it was enough for my needs until Tammy cluttered it up with faecesbook and all her political garbage, running umpteen tabs open at once and moaning because it slowed the computer down.

I'm in two minds about that tablet, whether to keep it for its usefulness as an easily portable device and the fact that it runs YouTube as well if not better than the Dell laptop with Win 10. I mean I only spent $100 on it, thats not much considering its usefulness for a few task that I need not clutter my computer with.

In fact its almost tempting not to hook up to the Net at all with the hypothetical new machine so that if disaster strikes I'll have one machine unaffected. Other than that my needs are (a) few and (b) or too expensive to ask for.

The house is falling down around me, I need a new cooker, a new microwave and a roofing job is imminent as is a serious bit of plumbing to replace crappy worn out low budget trailer home hardware. Ridiculous bathroom wash basins with hateful rod operated plugs and teeny little drains, none of the loos flush properly one is operated by a piece of string the other by a bucket of water.

I cannot do the necessary contortions to fix them although I know how to.

On the other side, I also require white large cotton handkerchiefs, white cotton boxer shorts and white cotton socks meant to go on feet not the kind for wooden legs they usually sell.

    • Re: Its my birthday tomorrow - roger, Mon Jul 9 08:03
      Happy birthday, Mike.
      • Re: Its my birthday tomorrow - roger, Tue Jul 10 06:37
        That read is a little confusing. Probably just for an old dude like me. My birthday is June 23 and I am now 84. I am now starting to sell off some of my trains so my wife and kids don't need to worry ... more
        • My reply to Roger - mike, Tue Jul 10 06:52
          I was puzzled by your post saying "that read is a little confusing" because I cannot tell what 'read' you are referring to? As for God(s) I won't criticize anyone for their beliefs especially if they ... more
          • Roger, mate - sarge, Tue Jul 10 08:02
            Please forgive me for being overly presumptive here, but might I offer a couple thoughts. First, things like those forums where people wallow in politics, divisiveness, and impending doom: Take a... more
            • Re: Roger, mate - roger, Wed Jul 11 08:26
              I don't let fools on MTJ affect me. I read them for laughs. Understanding how they reach some of their conclusions is often beyond me so I just shrug and go on. There seem to be a lot of last... more
      • thankyou all very much - mike, Mon Jul 9 19:26
        For your birthday greetings! My pre-birthday celebration went very well. Heather took me to lunch at Mallards (used to be Hopkins) in Onancock, a waterfront listed building. We shared a horses doover ... more
        • Re: thankyou all very much - roger, Tue Jul 10 06:43
          I must ask. Just what is "a horses doover"?
          • What is a horses doover? - mike, Tue Jul 10 07:36
            Its a Mike patented corny joke. Another fine hand tooled product of the English humour variety. Horses Doover = Hors d'ouvre
        • Well done, her. - sarge, Mon Jul 9 20:28
          The laptop sounds like the very thing, too. If you can afford it, hanging on to the pad might not be a bad idea, as you had previously mentioned. Good for streaming and pounding out the odd email and ... more
    • No its not its Tuesday! - mike, Sun Jul 8 11:30
      My birthday is the 10th of July but Heather only can take Mondays off! Duh!
      • Have a good one - Alex, Tue Jul 10 04:05
        Saw your Birthday lunch pic on Facebook - looking good! And your lovely daughter has got you an excellent present. I had french onion soup, a nice ribeye and a coupe noir (hot chocolate sauce on... more
      • Happy Birthday - sarge, Sun Jul 8 16:35
        Whenever it might be. Grin!
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