I LIKE this!
Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:41

This is very cool.

You've all heard me rail against all this modern stuff but compared to the Dell this HP was miles easier to set up. It simply asked me questions, literally with a voice, and in no time at all it was connected up and running.

I decided to go with most of the recommendations - except the bloatware - and stick with Edge which had no trouble finding this site.

I even decided to leave Cortana running, it might turn out to be very useful.

The wireless mouse is wonderful, so much better than a touchpad and this is my first entry using my new computer and by the way the keyboard is just fine, nice feel, even has a click!

Beautiful display, very clear and bright, I dunno why this is so much better than the Dell was but it is.

    • But how do I block the ads? - mike, Tue Jul 10 11:15
      I've always downloaded Firefox because of its plug ins especially Adblocker Plus. How do I get that to run from Edge or isn't it an option? So far I have been quite surprised by Edge's ease of use,... more
      • Never mind I found it - mike, Tue Jul 10 11:27
        I didn't know the plug ins feature was available on Edge. Thank goodness.
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