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Purse dogs; mea culpa too
Tue Aug 28, 2018 08:09

I don't know who started it with the little inbred monstrosities, probably the Chihuahua which are one of the ugliest creatures ever.

My loathing for purse dogs might have had some bounds, but they have become increasingly ill-defined, the smug little shits riding around "Mummy's" neck in slings in the food market or a restaurant and no employee has the stones to tell Mummy to get her little crap-factory out of an establishment that handles food.

Invariably spoilt and fawned over by those who are overcome by the need to nurture something, I've now started to see a new dodge around law regarding hygiene by these often dangerous cougars; they put a little "service dog" vest on the little bastard and bring it to their table anyway.

I watched one unfortunate soul in suburban Maryland ask a woman to remove her shit-zoo from his restaurant, to which she angrily said she could have the thing with her at all times and the dog would suffer dreadfully if seperated from his mommy for any length of time. She pointed at the service dog vest, at which point the owner of the restaurant asked what service the thing performed. He was informed, "emotional support dog".

He then made the error of asking for documentation, else this would be a health code issue, and the claws came out and the shrieking scream of the cougar protecting cub commenced. I left before the cops arrived.

These women carry these inbred spoilt ...ers everywhere, challenging anyone to question them, dropping the misogynist card at the top of their lungs with the "dog" peering out from that stupid purse or sling with that condescending look of #MeToo. I cannot stand to be around the little bastards and have a dreadful time with the idea they are actually considered a dog, which I believe should be a title of honour for a noble creature who in some fashion performs work. If a dog has a bow on its head or wears a little tiny jumper, it is not a dog.

Yet biologically these fur-covered rodents are canine; a Lab could breed by a Chihuahua but the picture of the latter being fired off the former's penis over the fence is a vision too hilarious not to relish (but only when Mummy isn't around. Grin!)

  • Mea culpa yer Honour! - mike, Mon Aug 27 21:26
    I've always been fond of woofers as you know but the small ones not so much. Mid size is my favourite, large ones can be too much to handle never mind they cost a bomb to feed but little ones have a... more
    • Purse dogs; mea culpa too - sarge, Tue Aug 28 08:09
      • tsk tsk - mike , Tue Aug 28 12:13
        Nice imagery reminiscent of the teen vulgarity of superman comic speculations by us school boys, what would a super prick do to lois lane? Of course they couldn't get it on, he'd kill her!
      • Shit zoo? Nice one! - mike, Tue Aug 28 11:14
        The little bastard tried even harder to keep me awake last night and then when all else failed took a piss on the floor by way of saying eff you. I forgot to mention whilst listing its annoying... more
        • You have to tell us... - Sarge, Tue Aug 28 16:00
          ...what happens when she comes to get the little turd. I bet the dam thing gets picked up, held tight, a stream of baby talk, and the little effer glares at you on the way out the door. Maybe even... more
        • A companion rather than... - sarge, Tue Aug 28 15:55
          ...a needful spoilt toddler. I get it! Grrr the Marmalade Manx and Hobbes the Ginger Tom both stretched out, Grrr on my legs and Hobbes on my chest. Lovely nap. The Nap of Equals.
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