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Shit zoo? Nice one!
Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:14

The little bastard tried even harder to keep me awake last night and then when all else failed took a piss on the floor by way of saying eff you.

I forgot to mention whilst listing its annoying characteristics that it never stops running around the house from pillar to post almost without a break. Its the damn click click click of the claws that drives me nuts and then today whilst doing the dog walk routine the little dumbass disappeared.

Now heres the thing. I could have just written it off and gone home expecting it to find its way back unless I got lucky and it was lost or run over but really I cannot have a clear conscience if I just let that happen, so in the end after calling and searching I asked Herbert to find her and she went straight to the nearby irrigation drain pipe and sure enough it was hiding inside.

Bloody hell just my luck there wasnt a snake in it, they are fond of those things to hide in. We have cotton mouths and copperheads, I've had close encounters with both.

You know I have never asked Herbert to find anything before so I was pleased and surprised that she knew what was wanted. The two of us are going to be SO happy when these guests leave. I never usually have to put her on a leash but with 3 to control I have to keep them all on a tight rein.

I'll be so glad to go back to the carefree days of just my friend and I enjoying each others company. I may have to write a poem expressing my disgust with the interloper...

  • Purse dogs; mea culpa too - sarge, Tue Aug 28 08:09
    I don't know who started it with the little inbred monstrosities, probably the Chihuahua which are one of the ugliest creatures ever. My loathing for purse dogs might have had some bounds, but they... more
    • tsk tsk - mike , Tue Aug 28 12:13
      Nice imagery reminiscent of the teen vulgarity of superman comic speculations by us school boys, what would a super prick do to lois lane? Of course they couldn't get it on, he'd kill her!
    • Shit zoo? Nice one! - mike, Tue Aug 28 11:14
      • You have to tell us... - Sarge, Tue Aug 28 16:00
        ...what happens when she comes to get the little turd. I bet the dam thing gets picked up, held tight, a stream of baby talk, and the little effer glares at you on the way out the door. Maybe even... more
      • A companion rather than... - sarge, Tue Aug 28 15:55
        ...a needful spoilt toddler. I get it! Grrr the Marmalade Manx and Hobbes the Ginger Tom both stretched out, Grrr on my legs and Hobbes on my chest. Lovely nap. The Nap of Equals.
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