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A companion rather than...
Tue Aug 28, 2018 15:55

...a needful spoilt toddler.

I get it!

Grrr the Marmalade Manx and Hobbes the Ginger Tom both stretched out, Grrr on my legs and Hobbes on my chest. Lovely nap.

The Nap of Equals.

  • Shit zoo? Nice one! - mike, Tue Aug 28 11:14
    The little bastard tried even harder to keep me awake last night and then when all else failed took a piss on the floor by way of saying eff you. I forgot to mention whilst listing its annoying... more
    • You have to tell us... - Sarge, Tue Aug 28 16:00
      ...what happens when she comes to get the little turd. I bet the dam thing gets picked up, held tight, a stream of baby talk, and the little effer glares at you on the way out the door. Maybe even... more
    • A companion rather than... - sarge, Tue Aug 28 15:55
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