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The bit about...
Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:54

...making us hope the death of all heat engines is not too far off has me to wonder what alternatives will man accept?

Just talking of transport, I hear about the electric car, but that is no option since the combustion to initially harness the energy stored in the battery is merely removed to a fixed plant, with all the losses of transmission &c. Hydrogen cells are cool, but what of the capture, pressurisation, and storage of hydrogen in usable form?

When these people say "heat engines", they must include not only transport but any conversion of matter by inducing energy. Now, we include manufacturing, home heating and cooling, food processing, not just transport.

People are looking for some panacea when the reality is, for environmental salvation, the only alternative that will work is a return to water wheels and animal powered pastoral society with all the misery incumbent; no industry, no pharm for health, no transport, and no survivability. Anything other than that hard truth is bollocks, as near as I can tell.

  • Magnificent obsolescence - mike, Wed Aug 29 12:28
    Various mechanisms at the absolute pinnacle of their development do go down fighting with tremendous panache don't they? Biplanes certainly did, the Hawker Fury and the Swordfish and Gladiator come... more
    • The bit about... - sarge, Wed Aug 29 12:54
      • No I dont agree - mike, Wed Aug 29 13:14
        I like 'em as much as you do but the fact is that heat engines are an environmental disaster. Replacements? I dunno, nuclear fusion perhaps but yes you're right to point out that various... more
        • Because the view is narrow. - sarge, Wed Aug 29 14:39
          All the environutters are banging on about transport, but ignoring the real elephant in the room. My point is not that "heat engines" are maligned, its that Prius, electric cars, all that codswollop... more
          • I agree with - mike, Wed Aug 29 17:12
            Your last 3 sentences
            • For me, I'm good if just... - Sarge, Wed Aug 29 17:24
              ...the last complete sentence is good enough for you to agree with. That is the real low-hanger in this forest. You can also believe final fragment, too. ;-)
        • Of my article? I gave you all those lovely mechanisms to drool over!
          • Because... - Sarge, Wed Aug 29 14:41
            ...that passage seemed plucked from the environutter lexicon to make me feel guilty for drooling over those lovely images! Grin!
            • Absolutely no one - mike , Wed Aug 29 17:43
              Likes the products arising from the Industrial Revolution more than I do. I even like the smell of burning coal though smog is no fun at all. There it is though, fabulous fun and how lucky we were to ... more
              • Wogs means any foreigner - mike, Thu Aug 30 09:46
                I suddenly realised that remark could be misinterpreted but from a true blue Englishmans privately held opinion, everyone outside the British Isles is a wog! Certainly the French and Italians are,... more
                • No misinterpretation here. - sarge, Thu Aug 30 13:58
                  Lord knows I've been told many times in America, "You ain't from here." Some days I feel like I "ain't" from anywhere. It can be depressing...
                  • Regarding Worthy... - sarge, Thu Aug 30 14:04
                    ...Oriental Gentleman, I have many times over many years heard the old saw, "The Wogs start in Calais." I had a very similar experience in Aldershot, except the shoe was on the other foot. "He might... more
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