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After a nap...
Wed Aug 29, 2018 17:00

...I must admit my sloth and soreness today are the result of having quite overdone it these last couple days.

I've been catching up on projects with the cars, the Triumph went in to be MOP'd (Motor Operated Polishing) where the paint is gently cut with increasingly fine slurries to try and bring sime of the old shine back after forty years of oxidation. The colour had gone from Carmine to a dull brown, and now its a rich maroon and very smart for its age. That is the very last step in an eight month waking up process, so from now on its drive it, maintain it, and the odd project like any car. I'm pleased but beat.

At the same time was a hunt for a new tyre store since my old local shop shut suddenly. Found one that cones recommended as knowing how to deal with old MG wheels, so hopefull tomorrow will see the MGB get a new set. Its the last of the three with tyres of unknown age.

All this meant lots of shop time, driving about, and oh, yes there is the snowblower saga.

My snowblower has been up at a friend's shop since March waiting on a carburettor; seems like the engine manufacturer only does snowblower-specific carbs from August on; March is lawnmower carbs.

Anyway, I stopped in yesterday and his workshop had burned out (along with my snowblower, which is a minor thing compared to his workshop!) Bless his soul, he greeted me with, "You want the good news or the bad news?" I said, "Good lord man, how can there be good news?" He said, "Your carb is in."

Anyway, days full of prepping projects and driving hither and yon, finally caught me up today.

At least the nap has me now dreaming of those and more lovely images; Mallard and Scotsman, a well kept stable of cheap little sportscars, your biplanes (the Swordfish a particular favourite)...

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