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just woke up myself
Wed Aug 29, 2018 17:38

Tam returned yesterday, remembered to bring back our walking stick and in the nick of time I might add!

Even so I couldn't have managed 3 dogs at once without her so we went out together - most unusual - and I enjoyed realising how utterly unseeing she is about country life and no I am not putting her down.

Sample of me:- "Now we just walk past the road into this lane but dont unclip their leashes until the road is at least 30 ft behind us or if a car or worse a bicycle comes by they'll chase it. Don't let them crap on anyones lawn unless the home is unoccupied, just say NO! firmly they know what it means.

Now look down the lane see that big house through the trees? It has two garages and their doors are white but if you see a black rectangle it means a doors open so look up at the staircase to see if theres a dog there. Damn it there is.

Okay we'll turn off the lane then, yes, he's spotted us thats because Dobermanns are sight hunters. You have to be much closer than we are to be seen as a threat but always check your horizon for potential trouble. What do you mean you cant see it, its a bloody huge dog. What! You mean you can't see the house?

What should you do if they fight? Do NOT interfere and stay well back until its sorted. Dogs will rarely kill in a fight and usually its all noise and bluff very little damage. You can only make matters worse because if she thinks she has to protect you she will and then it'll turn nasty. If theres another dog with another person you're in trouble because they'll make matters worse and turn an incident into an event.

This is why you must always watch as far ahead as you can and check your background so you can get the dog on her leash before she sees them.

Okay don't touch that stuff its poison sumac in fact I make it a general rule to steer clear of all vegetation as much as possible because of what it is or what lives in it. Dont stand under those evergreens they're ticks favourite trees.

No, I wouldn't go there, snakes like that ditch and we have several I've seen them. Oh just walk away thats all, keep an eye open just in case but they usually wont bother you as long as they had plenty of warning from your footfalls. The dog will spot them first, just keep an eye on her she knows what shes doing.

and so on....

Tammy bless her is absolutely clueless about the pitfalls of country life, she'd pet a rabid raccoon if it let her get near enough!

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