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Unfair to muscle cars
Thu Aug 30, 2018 09:09

In my opinion American muscle cars were or are unfairly treated by the classic car brigade. Also you're a bit unfair to assume that they were the province of well heeled oafs even though that was possibly true for a majority there were cheap bastards like me who bought high mileage examples and had tons of fun with them.

For the most part they still had plenty of life left in their mechanicals it was the fit and finish that let them down. They tended to have light blow over paint jobs that let the rust start far too early...oh by the way you do know about adding zincs to the chassis to help slow down corrosion? Yes it does work to some degree and every little helps. Electro-galvanic corrosion is the real culprit more than the usual kind of trapped wet inside box sections though drilling them or unblocking them helps.

My jury's out on the worth of spraying wax coatings inside hidden sections, there was a company in Britain that made quite a rep for doing this especially to Minis but I forget the name of the process. It was a softish wax injected into sills etc. For a few years you couldnt escape the advertising for them.

Often your treasure is almost better off being left outside under a carport than put into an inadequate garage where the corrosion process is aided through condensation and then there are those who swear by grounding straps fastened to a spike for when the car isnt in use though I would have thought disconnecting the battery would be easier and more effective.

I expect this to be jumped on because I'm no car expert.

  • Survivor Obsession #7 - sarge, Thu Aug 30 06:51
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    • Unfair to muscle cars - mike, Thu Aug 30 09:09
      • Waxoxl is the name? - Alex, Sun Sep 2 05:07
        Messy stuff. These days 'Dinitrol' is the preferred rust proofer.. Not sure that a ground spike is much help in preventing galvanic corrosion process in cars - maybe in a building?
        • If my memory serves... - sarge, Sun Sep 2 09:31
          ...the whole galvanic corrosion thing requires dis-similar metals in intimate contact, an electrical field, and some sort of electrolytic presence, such as saltwater. Bits of one material therefore... more
      • I think I remember the adverts... - sarge, Thu Aug 30 13:53 WaxOyl. Tetroseal is another; wax treatments are still popular. I'll stick with what I said about musclecars and their place in the culture of my youth. That was a definer between the rich kids ... more
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          • My list of ten... - sarge, Fri Aug 31 09:43
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