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Wogs means any foreigner
Thu Aug 30, 2018 09:46

I suddenly realised that remark could be misinterpreted but from a true blue Englishmans privately held opinion, everyone outside the British Isles is a wog! Certainly the French and Italians are, the Germans however arent, they are Huns!

My father used to take me to dinner at a restaurant owned by a Greek friend of ours and sometimes after the retsina had flowed, the two of them would cheerfully slag each other off about their race's shortcomings with no malice intended at all.

Thats another thing foreigners often don't understand about us, we frequently make blistering comments about stereotypical 'characteristics' and engage in what seem like invitations for a fight via cutting remarks made in public when actually its a sign of friendship not enmity at all.

Americans in particular don't get this. A yank girlfriend of mine was horrified by an anecdote in which I told her how some stranger in our pub made a remark about 'I didnt think they served niggers in here' whereupon we rose in his defence saying 'he may be a nigger, mate but he's our friend!'

The girl insisted that was insulting and demeaning but the man in question, Anton, certainly wasn't at all put out because he knew that we regarded him as an equal and more importantly as one of us.

  • Absolutely no one - mike , Wed Aug 29 17:43
    Likes the products arising from the Industrial Revolution more than I do. I even like the smell of burning coal though smog is no fun at all. There it is though, fabulous fun and how lucky we were to ... more
    • Wogs means any foreigner - mike, Thu Aug 30 09:46
      • No misinterpretation here. - sarge, Thu Aug 30 13:58
        Lord knows I've been told many times in America, "You ain't from here." Some days I feel like I "ain't" from anywhere. It can be depressing...
        • Regarding Worthy... - sarge, Thu Aug 30 14:04
          ...Oriental Gentleman, I have many times over many years heard the old saw, "The Wogs start in Calais." I had a very similar experience in Aldershot, except the shoe was on the other foot. "He might... more
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