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I think I remember the adverts...
Thu Aug 30, 2018 13:53
2601:982:8201:63b8:90d1:c68b:71c1:7617 WaxOyl. Tetroseal is another; wax treatments are still popular.

I'll stick with what I said about musclecars and their place in the culture of my youth. That was a definer between the rich kids and us underlings in those years, and you see that same deliniation in the car culture today as we rehash our respective youths in our "golden" years.

The American Musclecar guys move in the restoration culture, shows, highbrow auctions, "valuation", flawless concour examples. Still very image and money driven, and to be fair that is what they became gearheads in their youths doing, so it makes sense those values hold majority sway in their world today.

A lot of us who drove LBC (little British cars), VWs, or old Saab 96 back then did it because we could get them cheap, a novice could learn while working on them, and they could be made to be fast in their own right, albeit in curves rather than between lights. It was the only way we could afford to drive anything at all, let alone anything interesting.

You aren't getting jumped on. That's how we started and what defined us, our youth, and our enthusiasm. I don't dislike muscle; I just don't identify with them and never got back to them in later adult life when they were high-mileage and could be had cheap. By then, I wasn't even in the country. Grin!

  • Unfair to muscle cars - mike, Thu Aug 30 09:09
    In my opinion American muscle cars were or are unfairly treated by the classic car brigade. Also you're a bit unfair to assume that they were the province of well heeled oafs even though that was... more
    • Waxoxl is the name? - Alex, Sun Sep 2 05:07
      Messy stuff. These days 'Dinitrol' is the preferred rust proofer.. Not sure that a ground spike is much help in preventing galvanic corrosion process in cars - maybe in a building?
      • If my memory serves... - sarge, Sun Sep 2 09:31
        ...the whole galvanic corrosion thing requires dis-similar metals in intimate contact, an electrical field, and some sort of electrolytic presence, such as saltwater. Bits of one material therefore... more
    • I think I remember the adverts... - sarge, Thu Aug 30 13:53
      • I love big engines - mike, Fri Aug 31 08:56
        So we can put all that nonsense about heat engines behind us, right? Well frankly yes and if that makes me a hypocrite so be it but I can easily hold two opposing views and frequently do! Anyway back ... more
        • My list of ten... - sarge, Fri Aug 31 09:43
          actually are pretty inexpensive cars, with some surprising omissions. Neither inexpensive or on the list is an E-type. Its a car to be seen in, but not a car to drive, a gorgeous thing but absolutely ... more
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