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I'm in two minds about Stephen Fry
Fri Aug 31, 2018 08:13

On the one hand he's all the things that he's known for, articulate, witty, erudite and yet on the other he gives these frankly rather disjointed or rambling discussions on just about any topic you can think of that usually cause me to hit the stop button after ten minutes or so.

I'm sure the same could be said for me and would be if I had the opportunity to speak on the same variety of topics!

So this is a pointless post?

Well no not really, the point that I'm finding it difficult to articulate, is that theres something about this aspect of Fry that leaves me feeling not just dissatisfied but uneasy but I'm not sure why.

Oh for a simple life view which would let me say something like "oh he's just a pretentious old poof waffling on about stuff he should leave alone because its boring as hell."

I remember hearing his 3 biographies on audiobook, especially the first about his school days and thinking yes well honesty is all very well but is it wise to admit to a series of dishonest actions in your formative years and what does that imply about your situation now and how it might have been obtained?

It left me feeling that he's entertaining but not entirely to be trusted.

  • Oh I see what you mean - mike, Thu Aug 30 21:11
    The stories build upon each other! I just watched the first 5 and not quite in order so I saw Berty trying to get Anatole back to the aunts before I saw the episode where he persuades his friend and... more
    • I'm in two minds about Stephen Fry - mike, Fri Aug 31 08:13
      • I can't listen... - Sarge, Fri Aug 31 09:07 his extemporaneous ramblings for long, either. I very much like hearing him when things are a little more structured for him, say an interview or a look at QI or in an acting job of some sort.... more
        • Might be needful - mike, Fri Aug 31 09:26
          How right you are and I bet you recognize that element in my own psychological makeup too. I certainly do. In case you didn't realize this I depend very much on your friendship because without a like ... more
          • I very much enjoy it - sarge, Sat Sep 1 07:17
            Lots of things to reminisce, discuss, expound upon, poke at with pointed sticks, and explore. We can even comment on the news of the day without turning our little oasis into the intellectual sewer... more
            • Re: I very much enjoy it - roger, Sun Sep 2 11:04
              Sarge, You are probably right about us but I just can't see me sitting around in a gents club. LOL. Oh, what has happened to Goose? Although I am not a hunter I did enjoy his stories.
              • Roger heres your answer - mike, Mon Sep 3 07:56
                I told Goose that I didnt appreciate some of his messages and so he said goodbye.
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