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Might be needful
Fri Aug 31, 2018 09:26

How right you are and I bet you recognize that element in my own psychological makeup too. I certainly do. In case you didn't realize this I depend very much on your friendship because without a like minded man to chat to I'd go round the bend from loneliness although I'm mentally stable.

I totally agree about Fry would be a good friend, of that I'm sure because he's stuck up for people on several occasions - Peter Cook for example - because of the loathsome Press' dismissal of him as an alcoholic, ignoring his fine contributions to comedy and indeed his intelligence.

Loyalty is my #1 important element of friendship that outweighs everything else.

  • I can't listen... - Sarge, Fri Aug 31 09:07 his extemporaneous ramblings for long, either. I very much like hearing him when things are a little more structured for him, say an interview or a look at QI or in an acting job of some sort.... more
    • Might be needful - mike, Fri Aug 31 09:26
      • I very much enjoy it - sarge, Sat Sep 1 07:17
        Lots of things to reminisce, discuss, expound upon, poke at with pointed sticks, and explore. We can even comment on the news of the day without turning our little oasis into the intellectual sewer... more
        • Re: I very much enjoy it - roger, Sun Sep 2 11:04
          Sarge, You are probably right about us but I just can't see me sitting around in a gents club. LOL. Oh, what has happened to Goose? Although I am not a hunter I did enjoy his stories.
          • Roger heres your answer - mike, Mon Sep 3 07:56
            I told Goose that I didnt appreciate some of his messages and so he said goodbye.
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