My list of ten...
Fri Aug 31, 2018 09:43

actually are pretty inexpensive cars, with some surprising omissions. Neither inexpensive or on the list is an E-type. Its a car to be seen in, but not a car to drive, a gorgeous thing but absolutely vile when pushed in a corner. When it comes to Jags, if someone put an XK120 or a MKII in front of me to choose instead of an E, I'd take either of the former in a heartbeat. No question. The 120 is a delightful drive and will eat an E on the twisties without a second thought.

The MKII I love for the same reasons you love the Wolly. Big Jag saloons are a favourite here; I would have kept that XJ8 of mine if I wasn't getting ready to send my son to college, a lovely car and a nice place to be, goes like the clappers, but you have to have a good cash reserve for it took very little for it to be beyond my skills and tools to keep in good nick.

There is one spaghetti car on my list, an Alfa Spider. I had one once before and it was truly an Italian love affair; loud, stormy, adversarial, and rapturous. It was an Alfa.

Not on my list for cost reasons are the big LeMans Bentley and one you don't mention in the same breath and I'm rather surprised. That would be the Chrysler V8 powered Allard. Oh, my! The Seven is on my list.

Ah, the small-block Chev. Favourite of American hotrodders everywhere. One of the great engines of our time, along with the Jag inline six, the Ford Flathead, the BMC A, and the Chev inline six. The Rover eight, Ford Model A, and the VW flat four has to make that list as well. BTW, the "big block" started at 400cubic inches and went up from there. Huge.

So, here is my list of what could find its way into my workshop if a space ever opened up. Note there is neither jewellery nor portfolio cars (I can't afford them), no restos, but solid survivors. I want to preserve and drive them, not "have" them.

1) Another Alfa Spider, an early one before they got fat and full of crap like electric windows. Only spaghetti car I'd own.
2) A Lotus, Caterham, or like Seven. Always a favourite, but never lucky enough to score one.
3) An MG-T series, just because my dad wanted one.
4) A military Landy Defender or
5) An M151, both for the memories
6) Another pre-BMW Mini. Like the current Spit, it would be my third.
7) Another pre-injected BMW 2002. Had a '70 living in Germany. When BMW really was the ultimate driving machine.
8) Another Mk1 Golf GTI. The last one I had gave almost 300 kilomiles of real hothatching. Like BMW, VW has lost the way.
9) A Minor Traveller; my dad had one when I was a lad.
10) A MkII Jag

You could not give me an MX5/Miata or another BMW Mini. Modern perfection commits the ultimate sin. Boredom.

Lastly, its the beauty of having grown up when we did. You have fond memories of American muscle. I don't. I don't care for them myself and would never own one now, but the brilliant thing is they are a favourite of yours. How boring would things be if all cars were the same?

Oh, wait....

Now they are, aren't they...

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