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I very much enjoy it
Sat Sep 1, 2018 07:17

Lots of things to reminisce, discuss, expound upon, poke at with pointed sticks, and explore.

We can even comment on the news of the day without turning our little oasis into the intellectual sewer that surrounds us on the net, what with forums, social media, and the likes of CNN and Fox In Yer Face.

We can mock, parody, poke sticks; one of the things here that make an oasis is humour. Being old and sometimes in pain, that humour sometimes suffers but is actually more important now.

We have very much in common, yet enough differences in both experience and interpretation to make things interesting, yet not adversarial.

You and I are writers, though not so much in your case Roger and Alex and that is good. We all are (ego not checked) intellectuals of sorts yet grounded in the practical. We can discuss on a reasonably high plane yet without pretence. We can hold different opinions without rancor, because its understood we all followed different paths to come together as friends.

All four of us do have a deep common interest in railways and building things, but it doesn't rule our lives. It enriches them.

A hundred years ago we would be sitting in chairs in a gents club somewhere, having come from different life's experiences, yet come together as friends in what served the same function then, an oasis in a seething shallow sea of anger and competitiveness and, yes, stupidity. Its a rare place in today's "culture".

  • Might be needful - mike, Fri Aug 31 09:26
    How right you are and I bet you recognize that element in my own psychological makeup too. I certainly do. In case you didn't realize this I depend very much on your friendship because without a like ... more
    • I very much enjoy it - sarge, Sat Sep 1 07:17
      • Re: I very much enjoy it - roger, Sun Sep 2 11:04
        Sarge, You are probably right about us but I just can't see me sitting around in a gents club. LOL. Oh, what has happened to Goose? Although I am not a hunter I did enjoy his stories.
        • Roger heres your answer - mike, Mon Sep 3 07:56
          I told Goose that I didnt appreciate some of his messages and so he said goodbye.
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