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Maybe a miracle - well, a helping hand
Sat Sep 1, 2018 11:28

Tammys Aunt Sharon sent me a bottle of some foul tasting glucosamine based liquid for joints plus a bottle of CQ10 and a special old folks vitamin supplement because shes worried about my leg pains. I started taking it three days ago and now the pain has almost gone!

How much better? Well before I could hardly hobble and yesterday I had to run to catch the little shit zoo before she ran in front of a car. Really run! Before the leg pains started I could hardly do much running anyway.

Its really astonishing what a difference this has made and perhaps also my being back on my prescribed thyroid medication helped too - I know its stopped my sleeping half the day.

I hope this healing process continues until the very last twinge has gone but after being in pain almost constantly for 3 months you can imagine how much better I feel already.

    • Way hey! - sarge, Sat Sep 1 14:32
      That sounds brilliant!
      • Just to really cap it all - mike, Sat Sep 1 21:09
        Daniel and Maria turned up last night about 11pm and so the dogs are on their way home ere long. Also today Maria made a huge helping hand towards us by vacuuming all the dog hair and flea infested... more
        • How honourable it is! - sarge, Sun Sep 2 09:53
          I'm very glad to hear they are seeing to a few needs for you and Tam after you guys have taken care of the dogs. That speaks well of the both of them.
        • Good stuff - alex, Sun Sep 2 05:03
          Glad to hear you've been getting support from Daniel - and that you've got some help with all the old-age stuff that we're all suffering from one way or another. Haven't said much on here recently,... more
          • Always fancied Romania - mike, Mon Sep 3 06:22
            Sounds like a place worth visiting, Carpathian Mountains and all that. You've certainly seen more of the world than anyone else, I'm happy to be a hermit here on the Shore. Daniel wants me to see his ... more
          • Its always good... - sarge, Sun Sep 2 10:00
   hear from you; no requirement from here that it be daily. You'll have to tell us of Romania when you return, and catch us up on your railway activities. Our best to Lisa from here!
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