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Just to really cap it all
Sat Sep 1, 2018 21:09

Daniel and Maria turned up last night about 11pm and so the dogs are on their way home ere long.

Also today Maria made a huge helping hand towards us by vacuuming all the dog hair and flea infested furniture very thoroughly indeed after which I sprayed it comprehensively to kill off any eggs, pupae, fleas remaining.

They're getting us an electric stove - we've been cooking on one ring and toaster oven for years. Daniel fixed the broken toilet and bathroom sink cos I cant bend down to get into tight places any more. Then he went and got a new ballast and four tubes so the kitchen is properly lit once more.

All these are jobs that really needed doing but aging has kind of overwhelmed the two of us and I cannot get over how much he's got done in one day!

Despite our sometimes differences - mine cos he never says much about what he knows is bothering me - re his rocky path through life, if theres a pitfall, he'll find it, he now seems to have found an ideal position thanks to 12 weeks of Rockwell training as an Instrumentation Technician which basically means he takes care of the coding requirements germane to a Beech Nut automated baby food factory which sounds interesting to me too,

He's found a really gorgeous 18th century 3 floor riverside apartment in Schenectady which looks gracious and roomy from the photos and he has as much room and rooms as the average two storey home but with nicer proportions.

so a very welcome visit

  • Way hey! - sarge, Sat Sep 1 14:32
    That sounds brilliant!
    • Just to really cap it all - mike, Sat Sep 1 21:09
      • How honourable it is! - sarge, Sun Sep 2 09:53
        I'm very glad to hear they are seeing to a few needs for you and Tam after you guys have taken care of the dogs. That speaks well of the both of them.
      • Good stuff - alex, Sun Sep 2 05:03
        Glad to hear you've been getting support from Daniel - and that you've got some help with all the old-age stuff that we're all suffering from one way or another. Haven't said much on here recently,... more
        • Always fancied Romania - mike, Mon Sep 3 06:22
          Sounds like a place worth visiting, Carpathian Mountains and all that. You've certainly seen more of the world than anyone else, I'm happy to be a hermit here on the Shore. Daniel wants me to see his ... more
        • Its always good... - sarge, Sun Sep 2 10:00
 hear from you; no requirement from here that it be daily. You'll have to tell us of Romania when you return, and catch us up on your railway activities. Our best to Lisa from here!
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