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The loonies need exorcising
Mon Sep 3, 2018 08:21

I've just been watching a few seconds of various loony uploads at YouTube, some of them so unbelievably stupid that you cannot help wondering if they really believe what they say or more likely that they say it just to stir up trouble.

Religious nutters, conspiracy theorists, denial of historical facts and then theres the flat earthers, aliens are amongst us, NASA already has anti-gravity drive and so on.

I suppose one should be grateful for them because they help to keep one on the straight and narrow oneself. Its seeing the silliness of people claiming to have seen angels and stuff like that which stops over imaginative types like me from making the mistake of starting to believe in ones own flights of fancy!

Although any quick glance at the Bible should be enough to convince one of the ridiculous claims of religion, its a testament to the power of brain washing that youngsters can be encouraged to believe in this tosh and thereafter to stick doggedly to their belief even after education and adulthood should have provided a health dose of scepticism to counter balance the original programming however well meant it might have been.

I'm guilty of both the belief and encouraging my children to subscribe to it though fortunately we've all recovered from that indoctrination - except my oldest boy for whom its an essential life raft that helps him stay afloat.

Subscribe by all means if it helps you, just be careful what you believe in and under no circumstances empower anyone to have control over you simply on the basis of what they profess to be authorization on the basis of their beliefs.

If that last was in fact true, ask yourself how it is they can flagrantly ignore the precepts of the one whose name they claim to worship?

I saw a huge roadside hoarding yesterday which proclaimed 'You WILL meet God after death' and it occurred to me how busy he must be if that were true, he'd hardly have time to listen to or answer any prayers especially during wartime which is a pretty constant condition world wide.

    • I can... - sarge, Mon Sep 3 16:17
      ...happily support a code of moral and ethical behaviour based on the concept of doing onto others as one would like others to do onto me. I can't support a religion that believes, for example, its... more
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