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I can...
Mon Sep 3, 2018 16:17

...happily support a code of moral and ethical behaviour based on the concept of doing onto others as one would like others to do onto me.

I can't support a religion that believes, for example, its adherents are entitled to take something physical from others because of some imagined moral ascendency over others, my biggest problem with Israel, the Roman Church and the Crusades, militant Islam as embodied by ISIS, the Roman Church (again) and the PIRA, the fratricide between Hindu and Muslim after Indian independence, the Roman Church (yet again) and the current paedophile revelations in America, as just a few examples. You cannot justify genocide, oppression, war, abuse, murder of another group of people using a religion as an excuse for so doing without destroying that religion.

I am really quite comfortable in belief systems that inspire one to treat others with a code of behaviour above and beyond that prescribed by law and social norm, one of peace, love, generosity, fairness, mercy, and sure a little bit of faith, and the stories that inspire or teach those qualities.

Its what I like about the winter solstice and all the messages of hope and light and new beginnings that come from a world's faiths old and not really so old.

Don't pervert that purpose with such a fundimentalist fervor that you think you can justify murder, rape, thievery, bulldozing someone else's homes, war, because you can't justify it, not to this old soldier. You extinguish the light in so doing and your faith made dark no longer has purpose.

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