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A great man indeed
Tue Sep 4, 2018 12:08

God how flawed he was; he would never pass muster in the political media scrutiny of today, the #mefirst people would vilify him for his stance on suffrage as a young man, he was arguably as Victorian and as "Empire" as Cecil Rhodes is depicted as being, as politically incorrect as Kipling is regarded.

He meddled in military affairs during WWII far more than he should have, crucified many who didn't deserve it, and lionised more than one absolutely useless arse.

I love that man to this day. He lived life and inspired me to live mine a little bit on that edge, and he saved a nation and a world. It cost him the Empire as he knew it, but he did it anyway. I can't use all the fingers on just one hand to count those who were his equal in my book (or my life).

  • Winston - mike, Tue Sep 4 09:34
    A tribute to a great man.
    • A great man indeed - Sarge, Tue Sep 4 12:08
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