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Thu Sep 6, 2018 15:18

I'm really angry, came close to tossing my tablet and new HP15 out the window!

Heres why. I want to take a picture with its built in camera but I cannot find the program to use it because of those moronic blue tiles none of which offer an option I want.

I want to get back the old Windows front end where you click on the bottom left of the screen and up comes PROGRAMS showing whats on it.

So I tried using CAMERA from settings and it even went 'click!' but it didnt display the result nor will it let me find it and name it so I can email it to myself. I searched every directory I could think of but with no file name hows it supposed to be located.

Wait it gets better, so being a good boy I went to Cortana and asked and was told that I must sign in via my Gmail account before I can access 'sensitive information'. So I typed in my password and Microsoft tells me its wrong! Huh? I load Gmail to see but it loads up just fine.

Now I'm getting a bit leery of Microsoft because they keep asking me to update my account and change my password and the first time it asked me I did just that but then I get messages telling me the same ' you must update your account' and frankly I dont trust that this is really Microsoft doing it.

Can anyone decipher this mess and help me? How do I get back to the old fashioned Desktop for starters?

    • The reason behind the anger above - mike, Thu Sep 6 15:55
      Apart from the obvious, that is, what I just said above. I've been working hard at my pictures and have been at it now for five hours straight. I wanted to send you at least an Email of the picture... more
      • More Windows 10 stuff - Sarge, Thu Sep 6 18:38
        On your laptop, at the left end of the lowest toolbar in the initial operating system screen of Win 10 is an icon of four squares that supposedly looks like a window. Click on that and you should be... more
        • Thanks I fixed it - mike, Thu Sep 6 19:47
          I was advised to download a $4 program that does what I wanted. There was no square as you describe though only the damned baby tiles.
      • If you got it its bloody awful - mike, Thu Sep 6 16:32
        I managed to email you the map picture but its dreadful, will see if I cannot do better
        • Just came in... - sarge, Thu Sep 6 17:24
          ...and on my way out again, but so far no email. If not in by the time I return I'll send one to you so you can check what you're using for an add'y.
          • emails - sarge, Thu Sep 6 18:39
            Still nothing here, so I'll email you. Then the address at least will be known.
            • I just sent two of the same - mike, Thu Sep 6 19:42
              I'll try to improve the photo next day or two. They're confusing to view here at this end because one looks quite sharp but the larger one looks blurry and both are slightly skewed.
              • and they... - Sarge, Fri Sep 7 07:24
                ...are here. Lovely bit of art, that!
                • Really? Thanks! - mike, Fri Sep 7 08:37
                  When I can get the bugs out of the process I hope to have more to show
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