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The reason behind the anger above
Thu Sep 6, 2018 15:55

Apart from the obvious, that is, what I just said above.

I've been working hard at my pictures and have been at it now for five hours straight.

I wanted to send you at least an Email of the picture in question because I thought you would enjoy it and it has given me an idea for a story.

Heres how it goes. I spent the last 3 days working on an imaginary 'map' you know, like the Tolkien ones, more a picture than a cartographic item but still usable nonetheless.

It began life even further back in time as a rough pencil sketch but as I wasn't feeling at my best, I left it unfinished and kept coming back to look at it. Well as it happened doing this let me see the potential for more features or improvements so I'd make some of them then leave it and repeat the process day after day.

This turned out to be a very good idea but very unusual for me as I like to sit down and do a picture from start to finish in one go.

Not only did the ideas keep getting better (in my opinion - you may disagree and thats fine) but it was starting to sort of dangle baited hooks to my story telling side and I began to wish I'd taken a completely different approach now I had the inklings of a notion as to what the map could really be about.

Its not as great as all that, really but still...

I decided to squash in as many places as I could from my boyhood rambling through Herts, Essex and Suffolk albeit grossly distorted but names changed to protect the innocent - damn I forgot 6 Mile Bottom! - oh well.

Alex will recall that horror ride as he sat in the sidecar box watching a 3/4" bolt wander in and out of the wheel spokes but somehow never quite getting hit by them. Ask him!

So the latest wheeze is to plot a rambling path from place to place to encounter various wonderful people, places and things culminating in an epic struggle to return home victorious and get covered in glory.

Yes, its sort of like The Hobbit in a vague way, only without any elves or dwarves or hobbits, at least thats the plan. Thats as far as I've got at the moment but it gave me the impetus for a series of follow up illustrations which will no doubt help to write the story by suggesting things that haven't occurred to me yet.

It could always be linked to my previous attempt at the Otherworld in which case I may permit myself a dragon and possibly some fey folk with different labels such as Cornish piskies or brownies or even the elusive, dammit I cant find the reference I need but I could swear I read a short story (maybe MacDonald?) mentioned a name like 'hobytla' who werent at all nice.

Mind you humans can be more than adequate monsters all on their own without any help, I must tell you the Hacks Neck malevolent midgets story some time.

"Lets go kick some midget ass!" came the drunken battle cry from Hallwood Pool Hall after we'd all been sampling the peach brandy moonshine from Georgia smuggled in via the diesel tank on one side of his big Mack truck. I had to admire the way it was done, you could even undo the cap and take a sample of the diesel fuel as the weigh bridge State Police have been known to do.

"Midgets?" sez me

"Yeah Dench, nasty little -uckers, they're all inbred and vicious, will swarm all over you if you go down their neck to fish or anything. My brother was lucky to escape with his life he had these big chunks of meat bitten off'n his arms. The cops won't go down there if they can help it."

I never actually encountered them on account of not being drunk enough to succumb to them begging me to take the whole crew in my pickup truck. I doubt if I missed anything that would make me wish I hadn't. Those Hallwood boys were good fun, would help you out anytime and stuck together if any trouble erupted you could bank on the clan settling the score even for me their trophy English man. That was what they called me 'The Englishman' I rather liked that title.

Tammy doesn't share my empathy for rednecks but I've never had any problems from them and they've been more than friendly, helpful even respectful since I was a teacher.

The Shore and Germany - Munster - are the only two places where I've encountered respectfulness because of my being a teacher.

"Ach! Ein Professor!" you could almost hear the heels click.

  • HELP! - mike, Thu Sep 6 15:18
    I'm really angry, came close to tossing my tablet and new HP15 out the window! Heres why. I want to take a picture with its built in camera but I cannot find the program to use it because of those... more
    • The reason behind the anger above - mike, Thu Sep 6 15:55
      • More Windows 10 stuff - Sarge, Thu Sep 6 18:38
        On your laptop, at the left end of the lowest toolbar in the initial operating system screen of Win 10 is an icon of four squares that supposedly looks like a window. Click on that and you should be... more
        • Thanks I fixed it - mike, Thu Sep 6 19:47
          I was advised to download a $4 program that does what I wanted. There was no square as you describe though only the damned baby tiles.
      • If you got it its bloody awful - mike, Thu Sep 6 16:32
        I managed to email you the map picture but its dreadful, will see if I cannot do better
        • Just came in... - sarge, Thu Sep 6 17:24
          ...and on my way out again, but so far no email. If not in by the time I return I'll send one to you so you can check what you're using for an add'y.
          • emails - sarge, Thu Sep 6 18:39
            Still nothing here, so I'll email you. Then the address at least will be known.
            • I just sent two of the same - mike, Thu Sep 6 19:42
              I'll try to improve the photo next day or two. They're confusing to view here at this end because one looks quite sharp but the larger one looks blurry and both are slightly skewed.
              • and they... - Sarge, Fri Sep 7 07:24
                ...are here. Lovely bit of art, that!
                • Really? Thanks! - mike, Fri Sep 7 08:37
                  When I can get the bugs out of the process I hope to have more to show
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