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This is what ideas the map created
Fri Sep 7, 2018 11:14

Merkel, a young lad of inquisitive disposition, is working in the garden of his parents home tasked with various chores in their vain hope that it will keep him occupied and out of trouble when something wind blown catches his attention as it flutters in the hedge he is cutting.

Retrieving it he is surprised and delighted to discover that it is a sort of map or diagram, depicting a part of the country he lives in and furthermore that his own village of Brocks Burn is also shown. Merkels knowledge of geography is limited to what lies within walking distance of his home and he's never heard of most of the places named on his map.

(T.S.O.S.H) and after he's asked the household brownie to take a look at his map he is told its a part of a document long thought lost and of great importance that was once kept at Lone Redoubt the most Northerly point on his map.

So we find Merkel setting off on an adventure to Lone Redoubt with his fathers blessing and to his mothers relief, or possibly vice versa, after the brownie has explained that it's Merkels geas and if he succeeds in this quest he will be greatly rewarded. A lot is left unsaid by the brownie but nobody thinks to make further enquiries of it.

So the route he will take is as follows:-

1. Start at BROCKS BURN
3. Stop at HART FORD
5. Then on to SAW BRIDGE where he's warned to avoid the
7. Trying to obtain a horse at the farm on the outskirts of the forest Merkel is told he'd do better to look for a ride on a canal boat at
8. HART FORD BARGE BASIN to change at
9. EEL PIE ISLAND which is where the bargees hide out
10.MILL DAM is as far as they can take him but there he meets an old gaffer Jumbo Ward who sails him down river to
11. OLD BURGH thence on foot North to
12. SEVEN WELL where he's scared by mysterious noises but
13. LETON SURMER is worse still with its Plague Pits. Heading West
14. to WEST WEALD finds an unfriendly, unhelpful place.

There the numbering stops because SOUTH FORK/ELEY is blank and needs about 4 more stops for interesting encounters or possibly more until Merkel eventually reaches LONE REDOUBT.

Thats as far as my imagination and the trail marked on the map took me!

    • A few more ideas - mike, Fri Sep 7 12:23
      MORE IDEAS If I was going to draw more inspiration from my artwork, well then, after the map the next outline/rough sketch is a view from Lone Redoubt, in the distance on a mountain top is a watch... more
      • THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS When I write a story I do not usually consider the setting, that's to say the time and place, I assume it will automatically be set by virtue of the descriptions and the... more
        • Mike, I agree with your thoughts concerning Dune. This happens too often. Every detail does not need to be noted unless it is important to the story.
        • Some thoughts... - Sarge, Sat Sep 8 10:42
          ...major and minor. A minor and egoist one; would love to see the family home of Laxfield represented since Norfolk and dear Suffolk seem to be the model for the setting, in the main. Purely for the... more
          • Re: Some thoughts... - roger, Sun Sep 9 10:09
            Many years agowhen I was an undergrad I attended some writers workshops. I had no interest in being a writer but it was interesting and entertaining hearing how they developed their stories. As I... more
          • Good observations - thanks - mike, Sat Sep 8 11:08
            I'm not going to attempt to rush this out because thats always been my downfall. I bypass various deadfalls and manage to keep the ball in the air until eventually it all comes crashing down because... more
            • You're in! - mike, Sat Sep 8 15:22
              As FLAX FIELD just above SOUTHFORK Heres where I got some info (as well as others) I chose the name on purpose because it gives me a... more
              • Way hey! - sarge, Sun Sep 9 10:07
                I like the context, too.
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