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A few more ideas
Fri Sep 7, 2018 12:23

If I was going to draw more inspiration from my artwork, well then, after the map the next outline/rough sketch is a view from Lone Redoubt, in the distance on a mountain top is a watch fire burning.

That is followed by a sketch of Merkels home cottage and perhaps him setting off on his adventure. That's to say I have drawn both pages as described except they are lacking any figures because I'm really bad at drawing people or animals and have to look for something suitable to trace and transfer.

So here I sit in a quandary, whether to further develop either drawing, or perhaps to embellish the map with the missing (15-19) places which is why I began to draw scenes from the story to illustrate each way point from my text description of the place names and their numbers showing the order in which Merkel visits.

Doing drawings suggests further ideas for story or stories. For example I might decide that theres a transition after place number 14 into Otherworld which Merkel won't realize isn't his familiar world because he's never been this far from home. This then gives me full scope to really pull all the stops out, perhaps thereby having the excuse for a dragon!

You may well have guessed at least some of the real place names but almost all of them are derived from real places which helps in imagining their fictional conterparts. However I'm afraid space time had to be distorted quite a bit and they arent in the right positions relative to each other or the distance between them. The Citadel is London, of course.

Drawing each place separately wasn't what I originally intended, no, I meant to do a larger scale map of each place as if one took a magnifying glass to the original map. Mind you, theres no reason why I couldn't do that as well perhaps as Appendices.

Plague Pits happened sort of accidentally. At the back of the church yard in Dunwich theres a ruined chapel with an iron gate to stop entry and a sign that informs one that some of the victims of Black Death were buried there. I put that label in place and was about to draw a miniature church when I realized that doing so would affect the entire story and I didn't want Christianity hobbling my possible story line. In fact I didn't want any religion at all to intrude! That ruled out demons and devils then and various other supernatural beings. Just one little change can have such a knock on effect...

I'm not committing myself to anything yet, just outlining the ideas arising from my artwork so far. I thought or perhaps hoped that I could base the story very loosely on my own wanderings as a young man suborning ordinary nondescript events into something more interesting, relying on a pre-industrial English setting with added magic without having to commit to full blown fantasy..

I would have liked to live in a period like that with enough conveniences such as perhaps oil lanterns to read by at night possibly even acetylene mantle lamps, why not? After all we knew how to use carbide pretty far back and even how to obtain gas from coal on a small scale, I've done it myself, the old heat coal in a tobacco tin trick and light the gas emerging from a pinhole.

In fact it would be very nice to have my character meet various inventive souls along the way and thus pick up few useful dodges to use to awe others perhaps or else simply to make his own life more comfortable. You'd have to keep a sharp eye on me if I went down that road, I haven't forgotten what a surprise it was to learn how late the invention of radio was!

I was watching one of those History Channel programs for morons the other day and had been surprised how backward we were even by the mid 1800's. Still had armies using muzzle loaders as late as that? Blimey! Or the ghastly excuse for medical practices with doctors not washing hands and using old blood encrusted tools and being paranoid about handling or even seeing the royal horse collar resulting in mama being in la la land through half a bottle of chloroform and thus unable to give birth even assuming anyone had permitted themselves the lese majeste of putting their hands up her to turn poor old Wilhelm around.

Talk about horrible knock on effects!

Interesting aside (I thought) that if Winstons papa was riddled with syph how come mama didnt catch it, eh? She was having it off with all and sundry herself, either she was incredibly bloody lucky or there's something not quite right about that story.

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    • A few more ideas - mike, Fri Sep 7 12:23
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        • Mike, I agree with your thoughts concerning Dune. This happens too often. Every detail does not need to be noted unless it is important to the story.
        • Some thoughts... - Sarge, Sat Sep 8 10:42
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          • Re: Some thoughts... - roger, Sun Sep 9 10:09
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          • Good observations - thanks - mike, Sat Sep 8 11:08
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            • You're in! - mike, Sat Sep 8 15:22
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              • Way hey! - sarge, Sun Sep 9 10:07
                I like the context, too.
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