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Some thoughts...
Sat Sep 8, 2018 10:42

...major and minor.

A minor and egoist one; would love to see the family home of Laxfield represented since Norfolk and dear Suffolk seem to be the model for the setting, in the main. Purely for the fun of it, of course, but you do mention the need for a few more settlements, so I'll get my pitch in for home! Grin!

The major thought. I very much applaud the two ideas, first outlining the story from beginning to end as a roadmap to get you where you are going. We've discussed this one before, long ago, and I'm so very cheered to read that you are giving this a go, and your intent is to finish the story perhaps for posterity. I alway love the pictures you draw in the mind, but must admit the same vague disappointment as you feel as each story peters out eventually. Giving the sketching or outlining to conclusion a fair shot before weaving the story in detail before us I believe to be a very good thing, one that can give you a great satisfaction when you can lay hands on the completed work with the dead ends recognised and avoided before they trip you up. You recognise writing fiction is a bit of a maze; more dead ends than successful routes out.

I can entertain with my car column I've been doing until you are ready to start putting flesh on the known bones here with yours, if that helps. Something interesting to keep this place alive and well such that you don't feel all is incumbant on you and you therefore feel pressured to produce just to entertain us before you are ready.

The other idea I applaud is getting back to the notion of the clear and simple. I'm with you on good vs. evil without a three volume appendix explaining and following on to the first book in which so much modern sci-fi and fantasy seems to relish wallowing about needlessly. That might actually be what puts me off modern sci-fi, especially in serial. One I enjoyed was the "Hunger Games" series which did tell a single overarching story, where good and evil might ave been muddled it became clear at the end, the story resolved with no apology, and there wasn't a bunch of un-necessary twaddle afterwards.

Its where Rowling is wallowing now; she wrote a classic series where good did triumph, didn't bother with clearing up some danglers, all fine and enjoyable. Then she decides to come back and explain off the danglers which I would not have noticed if she didn't make a debate over them (social media and "Pottermore") and the ruination began. A crap stage-play of Potter years later, this current movie series which just is awful, can't leave what was just fine alone.

Back on topic, I think you are thinking straight and will be happy to wait quietly until the skeleton is defined from beginning to end, then enjoy the fleshing with you. It'll be brilliant.

It never occurred I should sit pensively, considering the fate and future of the orks and goblins, by the way. Grin!

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    • Some thoughts... - Sarge, Sat Sep 8 10:42
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      • Good observations - thanks - mike, Sat Sep 8 11:08
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        • You're in! - mike, Sat Sep 8 15:22
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          • Way hey! - sarge, Sun Sep 9 10:07
            I like the context, too.
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