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Good observations - thanks
Sat Sep 8, 2018 11:08

I'm not going to attempt to rush this out because thats always been my downfall. I bypass various deadfalls and manage to keep the ball in the air until eventually it all comes crashing down because I never considered the story's outcome.

Another thing I have to learn to do is not avoid difficulties but instead consider why they ARE difficulties and thus have a shot at overcoming them.

So that means pre-thinking who takes part in the tale, what their role is, or why they are there at all. That doesn't exclude characters invented on the fly as necessary flavour (like the film crew in Widford) but the main characters must have consistency, they exist for a reason, its important that one be able to visualize them and their parts as believable.

For example I don't really have the main character fleshed out at all. The name Merkel was an obvious corruption of Michael and put in just to have a label to begin with. Yet today, just now, as I was walking the dog I found myself stymied for thinking what his occupation is, does he even have to have one, if not then hows he surviving?

Is he a human being, is there any reason to consider making him a humanoid being and even so that doesnt solve the above problem of occupation and income or whatever is needed to obtain food, drink and shelter as he meanders around the countryside.

I'm currently considering having him be a tinker as it could cover a variety of simple home repairs necessary in a society where household goods are expected to remain useful and repairable for many years.

Anyway thats why I'm not rushing into this

  • Some thoughts... - Sarge, Sat Sep 8 10:42
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    • Re: Some thoughts... - roger, Sun Sep 9 10:09
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    • Good observations - thanks - mike, Sat Sep 8 11:08
      • You're in! - mike, Sat Sep 8 15:22
        As FLAX FIELD just above SOUTHFORK Heres where I got some info (as well as others) I chose the name on purpose because it gives me a... more
        • Way hey! - sarge, Sun Sep 9 10:07
          I like the context, too.
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