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Sat Sep 8, 2018 15:22


Heres where I got some info (as well as others)

I chose the name on purpose because it gives me a perfect opportunity to mention the fascinating processes used in the production of linen (eventually) and because it occurs to me that the conditions in and around Laxfield were perfect for flax growing and particularly 'retting' which requires a lot of water for rotting away the pectin that binds the fibres together.

Interesting that because pectin is also used as a setting agent for fruit jams and jellies. One cannot help wondering if this was known in medieval times and yet another useful product obtainable from this wonderful plant that also provides us with nutritious seeds as well as my personal favourite, linseed oil, that I often use to preserve wood or prepare it for paint.

I'm not saying that I intend to do this but the temptation is very strong to make this a book for well educated children therefore including as many interesting facts about traditional means of production as I can. Windmills, water mills, flax, wool, possibly boat building and so on and also providing as part of the story enough information for the intelligent and well motivated child to have a go at whatever strikes their fancy.

However I dont want to sacrifice the story for utilitys sake, indeed I think the central core of the story is essential to maintain interest but it strikes me as being perfectly believable to have my 'journeyman' quite literally become a jack of all trades (master of none) as he travels about trying to make sense of the riddle of the map.

It must have a strong sense of adventure, he must have to overcome obstacles and avoid being waylaid by various persons of ill intent.

  • Good observations - thanks - mike, Sat Sep 8 11:08
    I'm not going to attempt to rush this out because thats always been my downfall. I bypass various deadfalls and manage to keep the ball in the air until eventually it all comes crashing down because... more
    • You're in! - mike, Sat Sep 8 15:22
      • Way hey! - sarge, Sun Sep 9 10:07
        I like the context, too.
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